HABIT (2021) Reviews of nuns with guns comedy thriller with Bella Thorne

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Habit is a 2021 comedy thriller film in which a party girl and her sassy friends dress up as nuns to hide out from an angry LA drug lord.

Directed by Janell Shirtcliff from a screenplay co-written with Libby Mintz. The movie stars Bella Thorne (Masquerade; The Babysitter and sequel; Keep Watching; Amityville: The Awakening), Paris Jackson, Hana Mae Lee, Josie Ho and Gavin Rossdale.



Habit is so desperate to be edgy that it loops all the way back around to derivative, and wastes any potential Thorne might have brought to play. Sure, if you’re fascinated with the scummier, directionless fringes of L.A., Habit might appeal in the same morbid curiosity way as the meandering but fascinating failure of Under the Silver Lake. At least David Robert Mitchell’s mess was well-made.” The Austin Chronicle

Habit only gets to 74 minutes, but it feels much longer, as Shirtcliff spends too much time indulging her quest to make a subversive film, failing to make a compelling one as well.” Blu-ray.com

“This is a terrible movie that is shockingly flat given all the hedonistic elements on display and one that never finds a reason to get attached to bad girls posing as nuns for easy money. Accounting for inexperienced filmmakers and an unqualified cast, Habit still has no excuse to be painfully boring given the ideas on hand.” Flickering Myth

” …it seemed like I would be the target audience for this action-comedy. However, the execution is almost entirely botched. A premise bursting with possibilities is sadly one big flatline […] There is certainly style in Habit, it is just that we have seen all of this recycled and rehashed countless times. Like many have said, Quentin Tarantino called, and he wants his aesthetic back.” Josh at the Movies

Habit definitely goes out of its way to be extreme. But this dizzying adventure isn’t really worth the attention that a little bit of controversy can bring about. It’s bizarre for the sake of being bizarre—and, after a while, the craziness of it all just feels tiresome.” Nights and Weekends

“This movie tries so hard to be Tarantino by way of John Waters and it fails so absolutely that it gets credit for commitment. What it lacks is inspiration—Shirtcliff’s odyssey requires that we be shocked by Mads’s behavior, surprised by the stilted lunacy of her pursuers, and weirdly drawn into her unseemly world. The fact that none of it feels especially wild, or that the pursuers lack originality and panache, takes a backseat to the film’s lacking cinematic quality.” UK Film Review

“Director Janell Shirtcliff and co-writer Libby Mintz try hard to make Habit shocking but fail miserably. And it’s for the same reason so many extreme horror films fall flat. They’re so busy trying to be shocking they forget to give us anyone we give a damn about, or even a coherent script. And as a result, we don’t care what they do, or what happens to them.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

Bella Thorne … TBC
Libby Mintz … Evie
Josie Ho … Queenie
Paris Jackson … Jesus
Gavin Rossdale … Eric
Hana Mae Lee … Jewel
Hayley Marie Norman … Sister Julie
Caroline D’Amore … L’Amour
Andreja Pejic … Addy
Aarón Díaz … Priest
Larissa Andrade … Alicia
Alison Mosshart … Veda
Jamie Hince … Tuff
Damon Lawner … Father Damon
Ada Mogilevsky … Hailey (as Ada Blackwell)
Adam Dinihanian … Couch guy
Michael Suppes … Tomas


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