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Double Walker is a 2020 American supernatural film about a young ghost who haunts her hometown trying to figure out her horrific past.

Written, directed and photographed by Colin West from a story by producer and star Sylvie Mix.

The Sub_Sequential Pictures production also stars Jacob Rice, Justin Rose (Super Dark Times), Quinn Armstrong (Survival Skills), Maika Carter, Joseph Moreland, Darryl A, Wright and Layla Pritt.


One by one, a young female ghost (Sylvie Mix) kills the men she believes were responsible for her death, though her plan is derailed when she meets Jack (Jacob Rice), a kind movie house usher who inadvertently intercepts as she’s stalking her next victim. While Jack takes her in and offers her a glimpse at a normal life, her desire to avenge her own murder lingers on…


“The film isn’t entirely successful, at just 80 minutes long and with a story told in multiple, non-linear time frames, it feels at times both underbaked and overstuffed. The cast is good though, and Sylvie Mix (seen earlier this year in Poser) once again has an interesting screen presence, both innocent and unsettling.” Awesome Friday

“One of Double Walker’s saving graces is that it’s quick. While it manages to waste a lot of time meandering in its self-importance, trying so hard to be any lane but its own, and muddying whatever messages it thinks it’s getting at, it is only 71 minutes long. I wonder if this movie would have been stronger if it were even shorter though.” Dread Central

” …while Sylvie Mix is an absolute revelation in the lead role, the movie as a whole also manages to make all the right choices. Mostly, it really leans into the “less is more”. Forget about bad CGI and focus on simple effects that will get the message across. Like a bloody teaspoon.” Heaven of Horror

“Even as Double Walker opens up to a reasonably well-intentioned finale – the overturns feel clunky and mired in randomness. Shot handsomely by cinematographer Quinn Armstrong, Double Walker works only when it understands that there is no use in understanding or reducing it to revelations. In its deliberate moments- it fails, taking on multiple threads at once, abiding by none.” High on Films


“Sylvie Mix is an exciting actress with a strong air of mystery that curdles into bloody vengeance rather beautifully. Revenge movies thrive on the notion of righteous violence and the fantasy of a violent and definitive form of justice and Double Walker takes full advantage of that while also serving the understanding of the futility of this kind of violence, something that comes to full clarity in the final moments of the final act.” Horror Media

“While the movie isn’t quite as good as it could’ve been, it’s still a beautiful drama-horror that excels in both genres, so if you’re a fan of unorthodox ghost stories that take their specters in new and exciting directions, I definitely recommend checking this one out.” Horror Obsessive

“Shortcomings aside, Double Walker presents an array of gorgeous shots and fascinating ideas. Sylvie Mix is excellent (mainly in the latter half, which gives her way more to do), and clearly is working hard to find her voice both behind the camera and in front of it. I think my expectations may have simply been too high after the stunning knockout of Poser.” Josh at the Movies

“The film’s climax is satisfying – it ties up several loose ends and made me really re-evaluate the ghost, while it is also somewhat open to interpretation […] Double Walker is an enjoyable psychological horror that isn’t very scary yet always compelling thanks to an intriguing mystery at its core and a sympathetic lead.” Loud and Clear

“West is clearly aiming for a dreamlike atmosphere here, but there’s too much plot to be dished out for this to function as the sort of movie you can simply let wash over you. Plot details are doled out in a manner that will have you rewinding to see if you missed something, and it’s confusing trying to figure out the exact rules of its metaphysical musings.” The Movie Waffler


” …for all the otherworldly trappings of a “ghost” film, Double Walker is more melancholy than scary; with the core edict of “given a choice, would you live one more day as a human, or live forever as a ghost” really hitting home emotionally… Double Walker is a fantastic “ghost story” that is a must-see for genre fans who like their horror movies to have both style and substance.” Nerdly

“Overall, Double Walker is flawed but provides much for the viewer to dissect. Given the pacing of the film and the overall story, the runtime works. Viewers may take issue with the ending and the more open-ended elements in the story, but the decision to end the film the way it has ended is not a safe choice. For that, props should be given for taking that chance.” Nightmarish Conjurings

” …one of the things that stands out about Mix as a writer and producer is that, she hasn’t created a showy showcase for herself. This is about giving herself a platform for ideas that isn’t preachy, creating an original landscape for the story, and writing herself a character to speak to those ideas.” Sonic Cinema

“Mix is hollow, chilly melancholy as the central figure, wandering into and out of an interconnected group of lives […] Not every performance is as strong, but West evokes such a poignant and dreamlike atmosphere that minor acting hiccups can be overlooked. He casts a spell with his feature debut…” UK Film Review

Release date:

In the USA, Double Walker will be released by Cranked Up Films theatrically and On-Demand on November 12, 2021.


Cast and characters:

Sylvie Mix … Ghost
Justin Rose … Brian
Quinn Armstrong … Father
Jacob Rice … Jack
Maika Carter … Mother
Joseph Moreland … Ennis
Darryl A Wright … Sharron
Layla Pritt … Girl
Ralph Scott … Don
Christopher Hatfield … Jim
Tina Matthews … Faceless Driver
Majesty Henry … Boy
LeJon Woods … Husband
Xiu Xiu Bldr … Teenage Girl
Kristin Phillips … Newscaster
Shane Thompson … Police Officer
Kris Ryan Inniss … Police Officer
Adam Joseph Turner … Police Officer
Michael McDonald … Police Officer
Connie West … Future Ghost

Technical details:

71 minutes


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