AFTERMATH (2021) Reviews and overview of home horror on Netflix

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‘Lock the doors. Set the alarm. Trust no one.’

Aftermath is a 2021 American horror film about a young couple who are offered an amazing deal on a home with a questionable past that would normally be beyond their means. As they are struggling in their relationship, they accept the deal.

Directed by Peter Winther (Painkillers; The Wicked; The Librarian: Quest for the Spear) from a screenplay written by Dakota Gorman based on Winther’s storyline. Co-produced by James Andrew Felts, Rick Sasner, Lars P. Winther and Peter Winther (Eight Legged Freaks; Godzilla 1998; Independence Day).

The Productivity Media-RiverRun Entertainment-Winther Brothers Entertainment co-production stars Ashley Greene (Twilight), Shawn Ashmore (X-Men), Sharif Atkins, Britt Baron, Diana Hopper and Jamie Kaler.


[May contain spoilers] Reviews:

“Though it has some flaws, its atmosphere is quite intense. Prepare for a weird solution that actually makes up for some initially unexplainable events. The film makes for a good one-time watch […] The scares are effective, the music is appropriate, and acting is ok.” Aristarchos The Archivist

“This Netflix movie has several plot twists along the way and there are hints throughout the movie. Just when you think you’ve guessed one thing, another element becomes the key focus […] At just under two hours, the runtime is a bit long. However, it’s a solid movie in terms of story, acting, and overall entertainment.” Heaven of Horror

“Part invasion chiller, part domestic drama, Aftermath is a low budget picture designed to intrigue, and unsettle. A great deal of the movie takes place at night, and the film employs jump scares and instantly recognisable horror tropes to create tension. But unfortunately, despite its best efforts, Aftermath is neither scary nor tense, and isn’t particularly engrossing either.” It’s a Stampede!


Aftermath is a thriller that is effective and kinda goofy. It’s a definite one-time watch but it flows well. Most of its scares are very much known and expected, still, it makes for a good watch. If you’re interested to watch something without much hassle, then this one’s going to be a decent watch.” Leisure Byte

“The cast themselves were pretty decent. The main cast especially, tried to do their jobs in the best way possible […] this really felt like a TV movie, so as long as you do not expect something extraordinary, you should be fine watching this one. Overall, It was one of those films that was not too impressive for me and would likely just pass by with very vague memory of it after few weeks time.” Mike’s Movie Moments

“This film does have more than a few plot holes though […] Why didn’t anything show up on the home invasion video? How did the bookcase appear in front of the door? […] There are worse films you could pick for your Saturday night movie, but there are also ones that are less predictable and more interesting. It’s not a solid recommend, but not utter trash either.” Trailer Trashed

Cast and characters:

Ashley Greene … Natalie Dadich
Shawn Ashmore … Kevin Dadich
Sharif Atkins … Officer Richardson
Britt Baron … Dani
Diana Hopper … Avery
Jamie Kaler … Dave
Travis Coles … Garrett
Susan Walters … Farrah
Ross McCall … Nick Scott
Jason Liles … Otto
Alexander Bedria … Robert
Soraya Kelley … Sarena
Sandra Prosper … Anne Levin
Juliette Jeffers … Doctor Sasner
Freddie Basnight … Officer Hess
Josiah Lipscomb … Stranger / Seedy Guy
Debbie Fan … Doctor Lee
Jessica Winther … Professor
Zach Sklar … Delivery Man
Michaela Sasner … Tessa

Filming locations:

5266 Vanalden Avenue, Tarzana, California

Technical details:

114 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.39:1


MOVIES and MANIA says:

Aftermath presents us with two main protagonists – a young couple experiencing marital difficulties due to previous infidelity and work pressures – who constantly bicker and have to visit their psychiatrist for advice. The chance of a new luxury home at a bargain price (that old trope) seems to offer a fresh start but simply compounds their woes.

For the first hour of this overlong film, viewers expecting horror may lose interest because there’s way too much relationship drama (like a Lifetime movie) that also unnecessarily drags in an estranged mother vs. resentful daughter sideline. When the scares do finally take over and the plot thickens Aftermath becomes slightly engaging. How much you are willing to accept some plot holes and the final revelation – which has been done before, and better – depends on a willingness to suspend a certain amount of logic. Not recommended due to the slowness of the first half, its unnecessary length and the silly twist.

MOVIES and MANIA rating:

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