ANNE, WITH LOVE (2022) Preview of psychological thriller with Danielle Harris and Mena Suvari



Anne, with Love is a forthcoming psychological thriller about a young female painter who has to confront her inner demons when her husband vanishes.

Directed by George Henry Horton (Dreadspace) from a screenplay co-written with Blaine Morris, who also stars. The JesterLads production also stars Danielle Harris, Mena Suvari, Jaime Gallagher, Luke Barnett, Rocky Perez, Anwar Wolf, Leonard Amoia, Lucy Werner, Hunter Brown and Robert H. Lambert.


Anne (Blaine Morris) is a painter who struggles with inner demons after being forced into a life of solitude when her husband leaves mysteriously. Mena Suvari is her closest confidant Maya, who has a dark secret of her own. Danielle Harris is Anne’s neighbour, who has several striking similarities in both her appearance and life.

Production is underway in Los Angeles and Florida.