CAPPS CROSSING: WRONG SIDE OF DEAD (2021) Preview of psycho-thriller



Capps Crossing: Wrong Side of Dead is a 2021 American psycho-thriller film about a behavioural science major investigating some murders. Unfortunately, she finds herself trapped in a twisted web of lies surrounding the local ranger and his son. The movie is a sequel to Capps Crossing (2017).

Written and directed by Mike Stahl (Capps Crossing). Co-produced by Gabrielle Almagor, Joaquin Camilo, Mark David, Phillip B. Goldfine, Shannon Makhanian and Mike Stahl.

The Aaronde Entertainment production stars Beverly D’Angelo (Pterodactyl Woman from Beverly Hills; Pacific Heights; High Spirits; The Sentinel), Sabina Gadecki (False Positive; The Ninth Passenger; Dark Was the Night), Garrett C Phillips (Most Guys Are Losers), Sarah Elizabeth Withers, Gary Cooney and Mattie Maderos.


Release date:

Capps Crossing: Wrong Side of Dead is completed and a distribution announcement is awaited.

Cast and characters:

Beverly D’Angelo … Sandra
Sabina Gadecki … Amber
Garrett C Phillips … David
Sarah Elizabeth Withers … Sidney
Gary Cooney … Gary Mills
Mattie Maderos … Hannah
Shawna Della-Ricca … Becca
John Ryan McLaughlin … Josh
Kasey Keys … Todd
David L. Peters … Steve
Noel Farmer … Frank
Joaquin Camilo … Calor
Rob Hamilton … Rob