DARK CHRONICLES (2021) Review of horror anthology – just released!



Dark Chronicles is a 2021 horror anthology film in which a keeper of haunting stories recounts his four darkest tales. The anthology is a feature compilation of four episodes from the 2019 web series of the same name.

Written and directed by Christopher M. Carter, Jessica Morgan and Dustin Rieffer.

The Carter Ink Films-Come About Productions co-production stars Steve McKee, Jessica Morgan, Katy Mahard, Jim Cirner, Joe Seibert, Christie Newby, Brittany Isabell, Aeric Azana, Daniela Santi, Michaela Ivey, Adam Mendez Jr., Ashton Ruiz, Avalon Kerr, Jesse Pickering, Kara Quinn Ward-Tobin, Aryeh Krause-Nadler, Rudolph Alvarado, Christopher Karbo, Samantha Orzech, Kindryn Durantt and John Noble.



On a stormy night, a keeper of haunting stories recounts his four darkest tales: A priest goes to drastic lengths to exorcise a demon, three friends provoke an ancient evil, a group of survivors face their worst fears, and two strangers enter a bar with only one leaving alive…


Release date:

Dark Chronicles was released On-Demand by Terror Films on November 12th 2021.

New trailer:

Original trailer:

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