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‘He’ll do what it takes to get the job done.’

The Handler is a 2021 action thriller in which an ex-marine seeking refuge in a safe house is swarmed by mercenaries trying to kill him.

Written and directed by Michael Matteo Rossi (Shadows; Chase; Misogynist). Co-produced by Anthony Cally, Matt H. Erdems, Tyrone Magnus, Spencer Pesce and Michael Matteo Rossi.

The movie stars Chris Levine (Bad Bones; Woods of Ash; No Way Out; Await the Dawn), Tyrone Magnus, Rachel Alig (Digging to Death), Jazsmin Lewis, Cathy Baron, Matt Erdems (Checkmate), Michael Pashan (No Loose Ends) and Adam Carbone.

Ryker Dune (Chris Levine) is a recently returned home vet who is struggling for money to take care of his wife and child. He gets in touch with Vinnie Fiore (Michael Pashan), a mob boss, who helps him.

Soon, Ryker wants out of crime which Vinnie won’t allow it. Ryker purposely throws a job and so Vinnie vengefully seeks to take Ryker out in any way possible…


“Michael Pashan is suitably menacing as the villainous Vinnie Fiore however, my only gripe with the film is that the end just sort of happens and is a little underwhelming. Aside from that The Handler is a solid indie actioner with plentiful action scenes and a fast pace making it an easy watch.” The Action Elite

“It has the look and feel of some of the titles that hit back in the day and Chris Levine plays a solid action lead and is pretty kick-ass in the numerous set-pieces. The action is relentless and violent and the empty-handed action is balanced quite nicely with the firefights giving genre fans a little bit of everything. If you can look past the low budget and minor issues then this is a fun action flick…” Action Flix

The Handler, like its predecessors, is action-packed with expertly choreographed fight scenes effective executed by its obviously skilled cast as Chris Levine impresses with a major studio fighting edge that would give a Gruber brother concern. There’s nothing clumsy about the “action” in The Handler and it’s certainly above the frays of most of the indie action flicks…” B&S About Movies

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