THE ZEME (2021) Review and overview of Canadian horror



‘Once you are here, you’re here forever.’

The Zeme is a 2021 Canadian horror film about a developer who relocates to a remote island with his family hoping to build a hotel; unfortunately, the cursed land takes over his soul and makes him a killer.

Written and directed by Goldie Dhillon, making his feature debut. Produced by Amandeep S. Bindra. Executive produced by Mandip Dhami.

The Nuclear Productions movie stars Nick Preston (Residents of Arcadia), Shenandoah Adams (Daddy), Leysan Timirboulatova, Alexis Frison and Ava Trasolini.



“Between the poor script, poorly staged ghostly attacks and a cast that seems to have had their dialogue dubbed in The Zeme isn’t scary. And the comic relief scenes of Alphonse driving around smoking a joint while he screams “F*ck you!” at trains aren’t even remotely funny. It’s all one giant mess that feels like it was made by someone with no clue how to make a film.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

Nick Preston … Erie
Shenandoah Adams … Kit
Leysan Timirboulatova … Bella
Alexis Frison … Merry
Ava Trasolini
Phil Trasolini … Alphonse
Malcolm Mcsporran … Rusty
Alysha Bindra … Alysha
Fabian Novell … Policeman
Gail Simpson … Policewomen

Filming locations:

Keremeos, British Columbia, Canada

Technical details:

91 minutes
Audio: D-Cinema 96kHz 5.1
Aspect ratio: 2.39:1


MOVIES and MANIA says:

The cinematography and locations for The Zeme are fine even if the editing is unsubtle, to say the least. Unfortunately, the script, acting and post-synched ADR are all horrendous and none of the characters has any endearing qualities which make watching this movie a real challenge. There are even worse movies out there but The Zeme is entirely ill-conceived, very poor and definitely not recommended.

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