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Never Back Down: Revolt is a 2021 action film about a woman who is kidnapped and forced to compete in elite underground fights – she has to battle her way out to freedom.

Directed by Kellie Madison (The Tank; shorts: The Gate; The Caul) from a screenplay written by Audrey Arkins (Elyse; Killer Daddy Issues). Produced by Craig Baumgarten, Ben Jacques, Joe Karimi-Nik and David Zelon.

The British Fiction Films-Mandalay Pictures-Wonder Street co-production stars James Faulkner, Hannah Al Rashid, Olivia Popica, Michael Bisping, Nitu Chandra, Diana Hoyos, Lee Charles and Brooke Johnston.


” …nobody except Bisping appears to be a skilled fighter, and the only time we ever see him fighting is to lay one-sided beat downs of women … until they all gang up on him at once, of course. Revolt is adequate, but never exceptional, and most of the fights are unremarkable and lousily choreographed.” The Action Elite

Never Back Down: Revolt is a frustrating watch. While Michael Bisping (Triple Threat) is menacing as the main baddie, our fighters simply are not actual fighters and it shows. The fights are dull and in slow motion. I can only imagine how awful the fights would have been if Tim Man did not do the choreography.  Revolt is missing star power.” Bulletproof Action


“You could say this is an in-name only sequel […] It’s a film about underground MMA fighting, with people forced to fight against their will. Exactly like the first two Never Back Down movies. Only there’s not as much fighting, unfortunately. What’s also different about this film is the fact it feels, at times, like a ‘women in prison’ film rather than a fight flick.” Nerdly

“The premise adds another layer of danger and suspense to the fights — especially since the fighters aren’t there by choice. Furthermore, the kidnapped competitors are all women, also entirely new for the series (with Jeeja Yanin being the franchise’s only previous female fighter of note in Never Back Down: No Surrender). In all, Revolt is like no other installment of the series.” Screen Rant

“Unfortunately, there’s only so much you can do with a cast that doesn’t have the right background for this kind of film. The fights look good enough but they don’t have the power or pacing you get from a cast with a background in action films and stunt work, and Never Back Down: Revolt seems to have been cast more on the basis of looks than fighting skills.” Voices from the Balcony

Main cast and characters:

James Faulkner … Julian
Hannah Al Rashid … Lori
Olivia Popica … Anya
Michael Bisping … Janek
Nitu Chandra … Jaya
Diana Hoyos … Valentina
Lee Charles … Vanko
Brooke Johnston … Mariah
Cameron Jack … Davy
Mike Snow … Demo Boy
Christopher Sciueref … Dr Moretti
Chloé Bruce … Sasha
Tommy Bastow … Aslan
Vic Waghorn … Wealthy Guest.
Lee Byford … Fight club guard
Jenna Kerns … Julian’s Pedicurist
Raffaello Degruttola … Marco Olek
Vanessa Campos … Mali
Edward Linard … Jacko
Vivien Monory … Mia
Daniel Eghan … Italian Mafia
Antonio Bustorff … Paulo
Julian Ferro … Police Officer
Andrew Hollingworth … Gareth
Zhenya Leverett … Mr Tang’s Girlfriend


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