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‘She’ll love him to death’
Shattered is a 2022 released psycho-thriller about a lonely tech millionaire who becomes entranced by an attractive yet deadly young woman.

Directed by Spanish-born Luis Prieto (Vampire Academy TV series; Kidnap; Z Nation TV series); Pusher). Produced by Claudia Bluemhuber, Veronica Ferres, John Malkovich and Luis Prieto.

The American Construction Film-Silver Reel movie stars John Malkovich (Red), Frank Grillo (Avengers: Endgame), Cameron Monaghan (Shameless), Sasha Luss and Lilly Krug.


Lonely tech millionaire Chris (Cameron Monaghan) encounters charming, attractive Sky (Lilly Krug) while shopping in a supermarket. Passion grows between them and when he’s injured, she quickly steps in as his nurse.

However, Sky’s odd behaviour makes Chris suspect that she has more sinister intentions, especially when her roommate is found dead from mysterious causes…


“In the tradition of Fatal Attraction and Basic Instinct comes this dazzling action-thriller…”

Reviews [may contain spoilers]:
“While there is some good tension, the story does not rely on it solely. There are also some decent action scenes. These moments prevent things from getting too stale. All in all, the film is formulaic fun. There are not too many movies like Shattered these days making it that much more entertaining.” AIPT

“Loughery attempts to add thematic substance to Shattered by using class resentment as a motivator for the villains. Classical music is also used on the soundtrack for the feature, with Prieto trying to pretend he’s making something more refined than yet another B-movie that doesn’t have the money or the vision to break free of clichés…”

“There’s a couple decent action sequences in Shattered. You do wonder how Chris will survive? But it isn’t enough for me. You have seen everything before if you decide to view Shattered. The film is well made, but well made sometimes isn’t enough.” Bulletproof Action

“Unfortunately, some characters burst onto the scene trying to make a sociopolitical point that not only doesn’t belong in a movie that so evidently isn’t suited for topical commentary but even has another character respond to spare him that bullshit. If only Shattered was leaner and meaner with a greater understanding of where its twisted joy comes from rather than crippling itself just as it’s starting to pick up.” Flickering Myth

“It follows significant beats and cliches we have seen before from the thriller genre. The cast is padded out with vets including John Malkovich and Frank Grillo, both of whom have meaty supporting roles that only add to the gripping cat-and-mouse between Chris and Sky.” Josh at the Movies

Shattered features a couple of deviously clever setups, performances, and moments. Most of the movie, though, is defined by a familiar formula, which the filmmakers are too comfortable with to do anything more than the predictable.” Mark Reviews Movies

“Given that it’s only an hour and a half, it’s almost a good 40 minutes until the main plot is revealed to Chris, even though we the audience can see what’s going to happen pretty much within the first 15 minutes […] most of the cast does work well within what they are given script-wise […] but Shattered never really has a high amount of tension.” Punch Drunk Critics

“The film seeks to be pulse-pounding and sophisticated all at once, and is often too restrained for its own good — a fuller commitment to the inherently over-the-top plot would have served the story better. Much of that comes down to Monaghan, whose acting chops can’t overcome how staid and wooden Chris is. Krug has the meatier role, and also has more fun with it…” Variety

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