AMERICAN SICARIO (2021) Review of action crime thriller

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‘The story of America’s most dangerous drug trafficker’

American Sicario is a 2021 action crime thriller film about a US gangster who is scheming to become the top dog in the Mexican underworld. However, he finds himself making enemies out of both the powerful cartels and his own allies.

Directed by RJ Collins [as Raja Collins] (Don’t Suck) – making his feature directorial debut – from a screenplay written by Rich Ronat (While We Sleep; Grand Isle; The Rising Hawk). Produced by Ross Campbell, Raja Collins, Maurice Compte, Jeremy Settles and Elliott Michael Smith.


The Rumble Riot Pictures-GFG Entertainment production stars Philippe A. Haddad, Danny Trejo, Maya Stojan, Maurice Compte, Johnny Rey Diaz and Brooke Lusk.


Erik Vasquez (Philippe A. Haddad) rose to prominence from humble beginnings and became an integral member of the notorious Feliz Cartel in Mexico. Believing that he was born to be the biggest gangster in the business, Erik would do anything to reach the top, except hurt women and children.

However, Mexican crime bosses would never let an American take that place. As a result, Erik finds himself embroiled in an extended, ferocious turf war with Roberto (Maurice Compte), head of the Feliz cartel. In the process, he also ends up making enemies out of his own allies.

Erik conspired with the DEA to get the Feliz cartel members arrested and asked for immunity for himself in return. However, the deal did not bode well for him…



“Collins does enough to keep the hook factor. The VoD movie isn’t exactly praiseworthy, but it isn’t a damp squib either. The pace is moderate, the action comes in generous doses with blood splattered all over the screen to make the fear look authentic. The characters are not fleshed out in detail, but with the entire story being all about Vasquez, it doesn’t matter much.”


Lionsgate released American Sicario on Digital on December 10th in Canada, Mexico and the USA.

American Sicario will be released on Blu-ray and DVD by Saban Films on December 14th 2021.


Cast and characters:

Danny Trejo … Pedro
Maya Stojan … Monica Wells
Maurice Compte … Roberto
Johnny Rey Diaz … Juan Feliz
Brooke Lusk … Roberto’s Girlfriend
Philippe A. Haddad … Erik Vasquez
Dionysio Basco … Willy
Jaylen Moore … Dominic
Margo Quinn … Maria
Fia Johansson … Angela
Viviana Sarrade … Newsreporter
David A. Lockhart … Gabriel
Ari Davis … Federale
Azusena Saray … Liza
Robert Arevalo … Matteo
Noemie Maia … Monique
Rigan Machado … Portuguese
Cali Morales … Gloria
Paolo Cesar … Sebastian
Ray Acevedo … Warden Ramos
Steve Delgado … Luis
Tory Despres … DEA Agent
Luis Alberto Aracena … Officer Perez
Manoel Neto … Prison Guard

Fun facts:

Sicario means hitman in Spanish and the word is most often used to describe the hitmen associated with the Mexican drug cartels.


Interrogation clip:

Danny Trejo discusses his role:

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