THE WRONG SARAH (2021) Review and release news for serial killer thriller



The Wrong Sarah is a 2021 serial killer thriller about an FBI agent hunting a maniac that is targeting women with the same name… Sarah!

Written, directed by and starring Jason Toler. Produced by Sarah Brine, Doug Tochioka and Jason Toler.

The movie also stars Elliot Woods, Chris Spinelli, Christina Lo, Lisa London and Shane Ryan.


“While certainly better than what we usually get from Cinema Epoch, The Wrong Sarah is still a pretty weak film. The potential was there, and it feels like Toler was at least trying to make a good film rather than just slap some scenes together and put a title on it. But in the end, it comes up short, suffering from too much padding and too few surprises.” Voices from the Balcony


The Wrong Sarah has been released by Cineridge and Cinema Epoch on Amazon Prime.

Cast and characters (in credits order):

Jason Toler … FBI Agent Jack
Chris Spinelli … FBI Agent Ray
Elliott Woods … Sarah Thomas
Shane Ryan-Reid … Killer (as Shane Ryan)
Lisa London … Lilian
Christina Lo … FBI Agent Stacy Lue
Sarah Brine … First Victim Sarah
Leonard Zhang … Bar Guy
Edmond Balanzar … Sarah’s Jogging Friend (as Edmund Balanzar)
Doug Tochioka … Morgue Attendant
Charlie Walker … FBI Agent

Technical details:

63 minutes


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