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Minnal Murali is a 2021 Indian Malayalam comedy superhero film about two members of a village who are hit by lightning and gain new powers. Now, they must decide if they will use their powers for good or evil. The title translates as “Lightning Murali”.

Directed by Basil Joseph (Kunjiramayanam) from a screenplay co-written by Arun Anirudhan and Justin Mathew. The movie stars Tovino Thomas, Guru Somasundaram, Vasisht Umesh and Femina George.


“Made on a limited budget, amid a visible lack of visual gimmickry, the film treads a tightrope and emerges victorious. If a Hollywood film such as Spider-Man: No Way Home could mesmerize me with its immaculate confrontations designed entirely by a giant VFX crew, I felt the same zeal when Minnal Murali has a close-up face-off with his masquerader – if not more. Kerala’s homegrown superhero withdraws his plans to emigrate because his people need him.” Filmy Sasi

Minnal Murali (2021) reaches its grand showdown with a lot of spirit and ambition intact. Joseph has cracked the code for the superhero film without imitating the Western tropes, with an origin of its own. Minnal Murali is sure to offer many more opportunities for its every-man hero, and coming from a regional industry that has continuously hit the bull’s eye for better results, this is a great cap to 2021.” High on Films

“Any assessment of Minnal Murali or comparison with Hollywood superheroes has to be done keeping in mind the budgetary limitations of the regional industry. Despite banking on familiar superhero tropes at times, the film has a character of its own, and it remains to be seen where Basil Joseph will go with this if he has a franchise in his mind.” The Hindu

“Despite the long runtime, Livingston Mathew’s editing makes the film feel brisk and light. The songs by composers Shaan Rahman and Sushin Shyam are fabulous, particularly the title track. The special effects, art direction, and production design are on point. Minnal Murali has the capacity to not just spawn a franchise, but perhaps even become an international hit.” Hindustan Times

“Overall, Minnal Murali is deserving to be watched. It makes you smile, laugh, cry, and entertains you throughout. It’s interesting to see how the man with American dreams gets to live the dream of most Americans – becoming a superhero. It’s an endearing and enjoyable film, albeit a little long. However, because this is not a comic book story, it was important to go into great detail.” Leisure Byte

” …the absence of romance and related songs come as bonus too. The world is also a small one, and like the one we have witnessed before in Basil Joseph’s previous movie, Kunjiramayanam – it helps a lot to keep the hero close to our heart, as there is no need for the huge overdose of saving the world against all odds, as he saves the village and that is indeed enough. With a fine superhero created in a perfect environment, you are now ready for a franchise.” Movies of the Soul

“From the outside, the contrast between Jaison and Shibu seems too familiar, too reminiscent of American movies. The former is the chosen hero. The latter, his dark alter ego. The fateful bolt of lightning that fell on them looks like a prank played by the universe. Shibu’s deep-rooted nihilism will be challenged by Jaison’s faith in the goodness of life. But the film has an amusingly-different interior.” Silverscreen India


” …one can’t help noticing a handful of scenes that are on the verge of melodrama packed with some heavy dialogues. The template ingredients, like the absence of parents, underdog qualities, ‘the meant for greatness discovery’ and the like are lined up, but not too distastefully. The fight choreography isn’t arresting enough for a film of the genre, though the team has compensated the same through visual effects, emotional depth and character development.” Times of India


Minnal Murali is available for streaming on Netflix from December 24th 2021. Originally, the film was set for a theatrical release in late-2020 but was postponed multiple times due to the world health situation.


At a village fair, a young Jaison is watching a drama in which his father is acting as a superhero. Suddenly the firecracker warehouse catches fire and there is an explosion. Jaison faints and a man comes near him.

Now, Jaison is an aspiring tailor from Kurukkanmoola. He has a desire to migrate to the United States and has plans to marry Bincy, his girlfriend and the daughter of the SI and settle there. He gains special powers after being struck by lightning on the Eve of Christmas along with Shibu, a social outcast. He then receives a letter of his passport’s disapproval. He finds about that SI Sajan has done it and learns from him that he is adopted and his biological father was dead.

Shibu is a mentally unwell man who works at a teashop to eke out a living. He has a liking for Usha, the sister of Jaison’s partner Dasan. He then misuses his powers to reunite with his lover, Usha by murdering Dasan and drowning her soon-to-be fiance. Jaison must take down Shibu and restore balance in Kurukkanmoola…

Cast and characters:

Tovino Thomas … Jaison
Guru Somasundaram … Selvan
Vasisht Umesh … Josemon
Femina George … Biji
P. Balachandran … Kumaran
Aju Varghese
Jude Anthany Joseph … Sajith
Sneha Babu … Bincy
Harisree Asokan
Shelly Kishore … Smitha

Filming locations:

Hassan, Karnataka

Technical details:

2 hours 38 minutes
Audio: Dolby Digital


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