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‘Don’t break the circle’

The Seance is a 2021 American horror film about a paranormal debunker who attends a medium’s event in an effort to expose his charlatan ways. However, as the evening wears on she discovers the haunted house’s occupants will do whatever it takes to avoid the limelight.

Directed and produced by Christopher James Cramer (Stay) from a screenplay written by R.J. Buckley. Co-produced by Julius Sean. Executive produced by Mark Fuell and Louis Messina.

The Honor Productions movie stars Michael Minto (DriverX; Presidents Day), Miranda Skerman (The Whistleblower; Drunk; Blinder), Devin Brooke (Ava; Stay; Smuggler), Jasmine Brotzman, Zac Garred, Scott Getz, Bronwyn Katdare, Hollie Klem, Julia McIlvaine, and Paul Douglas Newman.


“As in all horror, the comedic/dramatic tone pulls the rug out on anything “scary” or “creepy” in the end. The Séance ends well, but I wish it would have nailed that perfect landing. To me, it’s all about the first two acts in the conversation between the skeptic and the spiritualist. The dialogue and the performances make it a worthwhile watch.” Film Threat

” …it’s the first half of the film where everything just works. Starting off with a seance to bring everyone together worked perfectly and allowed Andy and Nate the opportunity to have their conversations. It was also a nice touch to learn the stories of the characters through flashbacks spread throughout the film but, as much as I enjoyed the ending, I will admit it felt a little off.” Reel Romp

“Those who enjoy a good paranormal/supernatural horror-comedy hybrid will be the ones to get the biggest bang for their buck. But even if you’re just a casual observer, The Seance has a lot to offer. It’s never overly scary or dumbly comedic and tends to lean on the side of caution when approaching the subject matter. Well, until the ending, that is…” Script to Indie

Cast and characters:

Michael Minto … Nate
Miranda Skerman … Andy
Devin Brooke … Meredith
Julia McIlvaine … Amanda
Zac Garred … Sean
Candice Moll … Mrs Myers
Daniel Stagliano … Sports Announcer
Paul Douglas Newman … Russel Beetz
Bronwyn Katdare … Judith
Scott Getz … Robert
Hollie Klem … Mary
Jasmine Brotzman … Thea

Filming locations:

Cambria County, Pennsylvania

Teaser trailer:


First look:

MOVIES and MANIA says:

Don’t let the typically (and deliberately) cliched opening few minutes of The Seance put you off. What follows is a well-acted two-hander – Michael Minto and Miranda Skerman have great chemistry together – in which her sceptic character tries to repeatedly prove he’s a fraud. Some of the verbal sparrings are a little trite but it’s generally performed with vigour. Quirky attempts at humour are hit and miss. The camerawork in a tight location is often effective.

It all leads to scenes it would stray into spoiler territory to comment upon but let’s just say this is a horror film so what do you expect? The ending doesn’t entirely work although some may regard it as natural to what has gone before. The Seance is short and that’s appropriate; anything longer would have stretched the already sparse material too far. Still, better than expected.

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