BRAHMADAITYA (2020) Review and overview of Indian Bengali horror



Brahmadaitya is a 2020 Indian Bengali horror film about a female folklore researcher who orders a vintage ghost from a mysterious website. A nightmarish experience follows. Also known as Brombhodoityo.

Written and directed by Abhirup Ghosh (Zombiesthaan; K: Secret Eye).

The Pandey Motion Pictures-True Calling Media production stars Saayoni Ghosh, Rudranil Ghosh, Souman Bose, Anindya Chatterjee, Sourav Saha and Duttatreya Chatterjee.


While researching for her story on ghosts, Sayantika (Saayoni Ghosh), a journalist, stumbles upon a mysterious online shopping portal that sells supernatural stuff. On an impulse, she orders a vintage brombhodoityo. To her utter disbelief, Sayantika finds an old iron chest delivered to her home the next morning, along with a tape recorder with instructions and a bonsai…


“Ghosh has an affection for the genre—he has attempted a zombie film in the past—but his execution fails him. He has worked out the little details — the ghost comes with a complimentary gift: a bonsai banyan tree (where the Brombhodoityo in the folk tales are said to reside) […] but the ‘making’ leaves a lot to be desired […] The acting is terrible across the board, or maybe it’s the dubbing that makes it seem worse.” Film Companion

“A true horror film is one that disturbs you and haunts you for long. Sadly, Brombhodoityo fails to do so. This modern-day fantasy thriller takes a good start but gradually loses its grip owing to a predictable storyline. There’s no surprise element that shocks you. There are a few creepy moments, no doubt. But on the whole, the film neither evokes horror nor despair.” Times of India



Streaming on the Hoichoi platform.

Cast and characters (in credits order):

Saayoni Ghosh … Sayantika
Rudranil Ghosh … Medium
Souman Bose … Shoubhik
Anindya Chatterjee … First Customer
Sourav Saha … Cop
Duttatreya Chatterjee … Second police officer

Technical details:

1 hour 24 minutes

Original title:


Teaser trailer:

Indian YouTube reviews:

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