SPECIAL DELIVERY (2022) Reviews and overview of Korean action crime movie



‘Deliver anything you want’

Special Delivery is a 2022 Korean action crime thriller film about a female junkyard employee who secretly works as a delivery clerk. Also known as Special Cargo

Written and directed by Park Dae-min [박대민] (Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River; Private Eye).

The M Pictures movie stars Park So-dam [박소담] (Parasite; Record of Youth; Veteran; The Throne), Song Sae-byeok [송새벽] (My Ordinary Love Story; Possessed; My Mister), Kim Eui-sung [김의성] (Train to Busan) and Jeong Hyeon-jun 정현준 (Parasite).



“Comparing the film with the American films Baby Driver (2017) and Drive (2011), Korean Kyunghyang newspaper stated that the film is fun, and “the scene design that takes advantage of the cultural characteristics of Korea is interesting”. However, “Special Delivery easily utilizes the plight of the socially disadvantaged and children as a combination suitable for genre films.” Kyunghyang [translated from Korean]

” …a competent genre product to be appreciated for its taut and efficient handling of story and action. While it is clearly influenced by a number of well-known seniors ranging from Walter Hill’s The Driver (1978) to John Cassavetes’ Gloria (1980), the movie has enough style and substance to engage and entertain us, and it also confirms again to us the considerable talent and presence of its lead performer.” 3/4 Seongyong’s Private Place


Release date:

The film was released in South Korea on January 12th 2022.

Cast and characters:

Park So-dam … Eun-ha, a special delivery driver
Song Sae-byeok … Kyung-pil, a man chasing after Eun-ha.
Kim Eui-sung … Baek Sa-jang, president Baekgang Industries, a special delivery company
Jung Hyeon-jun … Seo-won, special cargo
Yeon Woo-jin … Doo-shik, a special client, father of ‘Seo-won’
Yeom Hye-ran … Mi-Young, pursuer of Eun-ha from the National Intelligence Service
Han Hyun-min … Asif, express vehicle repair expert
Heo Dong-won

Original title:



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Making of:

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