PREY (2021) Reviews and overview of Netflix survival thriller



Prey is a 2021 German survival thriller film about five male friends on a hiking trip who become the target of a mysterious shooter.

Written and directed by Thomas Sieben (Kidnapping Stella; Staudamm; Distanz). Co-produced by Barbara Mientus and Sonja Ewers.

The Senator Film Produktion stars David Kross, Hanno Koffler, Maria Ehrich, Robert Finster, Yung Ngo, Klaus Steinbacher, Livia Matthes and Nellie Thalbach.



On his bachelor party weekend, Roman, his brother Albert and their friends go on a hiking trip into the wild. When the group hear gunshots nearby, they attribute them to hunters in the woods. However, they soon find themselves in a desperate bid for survival when they realize that they have fallen prey to a mysterious shooter…


“The atmospheric images suggest something like tension again and again in individual moments – especially as soon as the nerve-wracking, pulsating score kicks in. But in the end, these strongly staged moments cannot hide the increasing script weaknesses and logic gaps. And then there is the supposedly big final revelation, which is not only pretty clumsy but also raises more questions than it answers.” Filmstarts [translated from German]

“Why should this all make sense?”, says David Kross ‘character as they all face the Sagittarius. Thomas Sieben, who is also responsible for the script, probably thought that too. It just seems to him to be about emulating the great role models. But he does not find a really independent approach. Accordingly, the film ripples a little, is good to watch, but has little substance.” Kinofans


Prey streams on Netflix from September 10, 2021.

Cast and characters:

David Kross … Roman
Hanno Koffler … Albert
Maria Ehrich … Eva
Robert Finster … Peter
Yung Ngo … Vincent
Klaus Steinbacher … Stefan
Livia Matthes … Lisa
Nellie Thalbach … Jenny

Technical details:

87 minutes
Audio: Dolby


Not to be confused with the 2019 Blumhouse film of the same name.

Or the 1977 British sci-fi horror film also titled Prey.

Trailer [4K English dubbed]:

Trailer [German, no subs]: