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‘Witness the end of an error’
Chariot is a 2022 American science fiction psychological drama film about an eccentric doctor and reincarnation.

Written and directed by Adam Sigal (When the Starlight Ends; The Two Dogs; Stakeout). Produced by Jonathon Goodro, Siena Oberman, Henry Penzi, Johnny Remo, Carol Anne Watts and Sasha Yelaun.

The movie stars Thomas Mann, Rosa Salazar, Scout Taylor Compton, Vernon Davis, Chris Mullinax, Shane West and John Malkovich (Shattered; The Survivalist; Ava; Velvet Buzzsaw; Shadow of the Vampire).

Doctor Karn (John Malkovich) is an odd, eccentric specialist who guides unknowing patients through the reincarnation transition. When Harrison (Thomas Mann) experiences mysterious recurring dreams, he turns to Doctor Karn for help and reveals his encounter with a woman (Rosa Salazar) he loved in a previous life.

Noticing a glitch in the system, the doctor must fix the issue before permanently derailing his patient’s future…


” …Sigal enjoys introducing unexplained visuals and personalities, giving the audience about 75 minutes of disorientation before the answers start coming, and it’s debatable if they ever do. Chariot has many issues, the primary one being a lack of a clear invitation from Sigal to join the lead character on his odyssey into the unknown…” 5/10

“Writer-director Adam Sigal falls short of his attempt to create a David Lynch-ian creepy mystery: Yep, it’s bizarre, but the ending is lackluster and disappointing. Chariot starts out strong, as a promising puzzler, as if it could be Inception meets The Shining.” Common Sense Media

Chariot tries to be something smart, genuine, and engaging, and if the entire movie was the final 30-or-so minutes, then it has something to at least say even without a backstory to support any of it. However, when a movie drags for so long and then decides to bunt the ball after two strikeouts, it doesn’t look pretty, nor does it always work.” 2/5 Elements of Madness

“It would feel redundant even to discuss what Chariot is about, but it should be noted that the small ensemble is desperately trying to inject some weird, characteristic energy into the proceedings that do sometimes work […] the story goes through the motions of its brief synopsis without a trace of magic or suspense or entertainment value beyond observing weird personalities.” ** Flickering Myth

“Frankly, Sigal lets a number of potentially interesting ideas die on the vine, like the hinted-at suggestion that the Lafayette is some kind of cosmic-supernatural equivalent of the Continental sanctuary hotel in the John Wick movies. There are just a lot of pieces that don’t fit. Pretty much a mess, Chariot is not recommended…” J.B. Spins

” …Adam Sigal isn’t concerned with offering much backstory and is happy to keep audiences in the dark for most of the films 94- minute run time. The synopsis reveals the reincarnation gimmick, but Sigal never manages to make it interesting or thought-provoking erring on the side of providing enough wackiness to distract viewers.” 3/10 Lyles Movie Reviews

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