REED’S POINT (2022) Reviews for Jersey Devil creature feature

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‘Bad blood never dies’
Reed’s Point is a creature feature involving Sarah and Alex, two survivors of an RV crash near the New Jersey Pine Barrens. On the anniversary of the accident, Sarah and Alex drive to Reed’s Point to investigate the crash site. Things go downhill quickly as they find themselves stuck in the woods unsure of who they can trust and questioning if monsters really do exist…

Directed by Dale Fabrigar (They Crawl Beneath; D-Railed) from a screenplay co-written by Tricia Aurand, Suzanne DeLaurentiis and co-producer Sandy Lo. Also produced by Ivan Kavalsky.

The Suzanne DeLaurentiis Productions movie stars Sasha Anne, Julia Kelly, Evan Adams, Madison Ekstrand, Anthony Jensen, Joseph Almani, Lanett Tachel and Joe Estevez (Doctor Spine; The Caretakers; Deathbed; Dark Universe).


Reed’s Point is an exercise in stretching a meagre budget as far as possible. Unfortunately, the budget isn’t the only thing that’s stretched. Fortunately for Reed’s Point, inexperienced acting and low budgets are often readily embraced by the horror community, especially if they are compensated for with tone and storyline. Reed’s Point very nearly manages to deliver this.” All Horror

“The mystery captivates at points, and the characters around Sarah are all compelling. Unfortunately, when a film’s central character is not interesting at all and suffers from the worst performance, there’s not much else the supporting cast can do to cover up the weakest link […] It is rare that a single element ruins an entire film for me, but in this case it undoubtedly does.” 1.5/4 Film Festival Today

“Previously running with a longer plot-revealing title, this movie makes the same sense as mixing Mentos with Diet Coke inside a house— an unnecessary disastrous outcome aware that it will achieve nothing. The only thing going for it is the dedication it puts into practical effects and costuming—although the creature’s concept is ridiculous, there’s no doubt there was effort to create it.” 2/10 Horror Buzz

” …there’s an interesting twist in the film’s second act. If the script had been stronger and less reliant on regurgitating the same dialogue over and over again then this would have scored higher as a guilty pleasure. Not even Steve, a local ‘Crazy Ralph’ type, can save Reed’s Point reaching the heights it could have done with better writing behind it.” 3/10 My Bloody Reviews

“The screenplay from Tricia Aurand, the film’s executive producer Suzanne DeLaurentiis, and Sandy Lo serves up some intriguing suspense and surprises, and Fabrigar shows a deft hand at making scare fare work on a low budget. The acting ranges from serviceable to solid, and the practical effects and makeup, including the impressive creature suit, are well rendered.” The Scariest Things

“The film tries to create confusion as to whether the creature is real or, as in Hoax or Shriek of the Mutilated, someone in a suit killing for their own reasons. Unfortunately, the answer is fairly obvious, rendering that subplot rather silly. Not as silly as the person who says “You don’t have the balls to pull the trigger” to somebody minutes after they shot someone else who said something similar, but it’s close.” 2/5 Voices from the Balcony

In the USA, Uncork’d Entertainment will release Reed’s Point on DVD and Digital on April 12th 2022. Rent or buy via


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Cast and characters:
Joe Estevez … Steve
Clint Carmichael … Greg
Julia Kelly … Max
Anthony Jensen … Hank
Evan Adams … Alex
Giovannie Espiritu … Suzie
Lanett Tachel … Carla
Joseph Almani … Eric
Christopher M. Dukes … Bus Driver James
Madison Ekstrand … Kelsey
Catherine Healy … Beth
Sasha Anne … Sarah
Matthew Payne … Police Officer Edwards


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