THE INSTITUTE (2022) Reviews of psychological thriller, plus four clips!



The Institute is a 2022 American psychological thriller about a young couple that undertake unorthodox treatment to conceive a child.

Written, co-produced, directed and co-starring Hamza Zaman – making his feature directorial debut. Also produced by Victorya Brandart, Robert Eisenberg, Jeff Kirby, Chelsea Roth, Jonathan Sethna and Tom West.

The Conducive Productions-Headless Films-Whiptail Wallaby Productions movie also stars Ignacyo Matynia, Victorya Brandart, Mark Lobene, Joy Donze, Claire McClain, Louisa Bradshaw, Jarred Harper and John Easterlin.

A young couple, desperate to have a child, begin treatment at a renowned doctor’s secluded facility. The couple becomes suspicious when the medical regimen brings on psychological side effects and try to learn the truth about The Institute…

” …the baby making on display in this movie is basically tripping out in a roomful of strangers while lights flash and a radiation machine does its scientific magic, which seems quite out of the blue, but I was there for it.” B&S About Movies

“It seems like a good idea, but there is no gravitas to the story. The film has more of a sitcom tone than a genre film. This is an old school film that may find a small audience but lacks the vision to be reimagined for a present-day audience. It lacks a clear vision as to what it wants to be and given some of the plot points it goes off the rails and into a confusing ditch.” Fears Mag

“While my review appears very middle of the road there are a lot of solid scenes in this film and it’s very well made for a largely inexperienced crew. You don’t become great at something instantly and they made a few first-time filmmaker mistakes. It’s a decent 90-minute film but it probably could have been a much more solid 75 minutes.” Honorarts

“A lot of movies set up great mysteries and then struggle to make their big reveals live up to our expectations, but not this one. My enjoyment of the film stayed fairly steady even after I found out what was really going on, so the wait to get there was totally worth it. What’s more, the third act also goes all-in on the horror…” Horror Obsessive

“Initially I found the lead female character aggravating. Yes, I understood that she desperately wants a baby, but does that mean that everything else in the world must make her such a misery as well? […]  Silly, camp, and high on exposed flesh, The Institute is mildly diverting once you get past the energy-draining opening twenty minutes.” 5/10 My Bloody Reviews

“I loved the ending, and that’s a testament to Zaman’s ability to create and maintain tension, as well as his instincts on how to blindside viewers with unexpected horror” Pop Horror

” …the results are […] comical due to a combination of Lobene’s overacting, some incredibly bad dialogue, and the last-minute introduction of a bizarre-looking mutant […] If the rest of The Institute was like this it would at least have been entertainingly bad. Instead, it’s a rather dreary attempt at a thriller…” Voices from the Balcony

In the USA, Gravitas Ventures will release The Institute on Blu-ray, DVD, On-Demand (VOD) and on Digital on March 22nd 2022.

Cast and characters:
Ignacyo Matynia … Daniel Sullivan
Victorya Brandart … Marie Sullivan
Hamza Zaman … Yogi
Richard Nwaoko … Jack King
Jarred Harper … Steve Williams
Joy Donze … Blu Foster
Mark Lobene … Doctor Arthur Lands
Claire McClain … Izzy Alibrahim
John Easterlin … Doctor Kramer
Ginamarie Russo … Attendant
Louisa Bradshaw … Mel Williams
Benjamin Curns … Buck Stanley
Annamarie Russo … Attendant 2
Naomi Indira … Attendant 3
Frankie Wang … Sebastian Lands


Arrival clip:

“Welcome” clip:

“Trust” clip:

Flow clip:

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