ALL MY FRIENDS HATE ME (2021) Reviews and overview

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All My Friends Hate Me is a 2021 British dark comedy horror film revolving around a birthday and reunion gathering of old pals.

Directed by Andrew Gaynord (The Characters) from a screenplay co-written with Tom Stourton and Tom Palmer.

The movie stars Georgina Campbell, Joshua McGuire, Christopher Fairbank, Tom Stourton, Dustin Demri-Burns, Antonia Clarke, Kieran Hodgson, Graham Dickson and Charly Clive.

It’s Pete’s birthday and the old gang from college are throwing him a party out in the country. During what’s meant to be a joyful weekend reunion, Pete finds himself increasingly unnerved by his friends’ inside jokes and snarky comments.

As the atmosphere goes from awkward to terrifying to downright surreal, Pete is pushed to the breaking point. Is he being paranoid or is he the butt of some elaborate joke?


All My Friends Hate Me plays on the natural paranoia we all feel seeing friends for the first time in a long while. While the humour doesn’t always hit the mark, the way All My Friends Hate Me builds up suspense is impressive. It makes for an uncomfortable ride at times, but that’s the point.” Backseat Mafia

“Unfortunately, all of Pete’s paranoias and suspicions culminate … in a revelation that just seems to come out of nowhere. Honestly, it’s as shocking to the audience as it is to Pete’s friends – and this is entirely because the script does not seed this revelation at all […] and it’s clear the script just bends over backwards to make everything add up.” 4/5 Escape Into Film

“The problems with All My Friends Hate Me don’t really bubble to the surface until the climax, when all the truths, such as they are, are revealed […] This thoroughly unpleasant group of characters isn’t inherently a bad thing; in fact, the film remains entertaining despite them. The problem is where the film goes is thoroughly inconsequential and bafflingly mediocre.” 4/10 Film Pulse

“Admittedly, there is an eerie atmosphere, and the tone does a good job at making one paranoid right alongside Pete, but for some of the most unsatisfying reasons imaginable. Again, even when the film is somewhat onto something incredibly dark that is clicking, it’s almost as if the filmmakers don’t even realize what they have, promptly flushing it down the toilet.” 2/5 Flickering Myth

” …ultimately leaves you with an aftertaste, and rightly so. In our day and age, it’s refreshing to watch a film that depicts the nightmare that is social anxiety in an accurate, unapologetic way, and that, combined with the fact that All My Friends Hate Me also happens to be ironic, clever, darkly comic and fun, makes it an essential, recommended watch.” 4/5 Loud and Clear

” …the real core of All My Friends Hate Me is its dark humor and the darker implications of what kind of friends and people, especially Pete, these characters really are. The joke should be on them (The final, open-to-interpretation scene suggests it still might be on one in particular), but ultimately, there simply isn’t much reason to laugh.” 2/4 Mark Reviews Movies

“The comedy in All My Friends Hate Me isn’t raucous, but the kind of comedy that forces a laugh to relieve discomfort […] The film doesn’t have the occasional uncomfortable moment — it’s built on uncomfortable moments. They are rampant and endless. Audiences may be appreciative of the comedy even if their sides don’t split from laughter.” Nightmarish Conjurings

In Theaters on March 11 and On Digital on March 25, 2022.

Cast and characters:
Georgina Campbell … Fig
Joshua McGuire … George
Christopher Fairbank … Norman
Tom Stourton … Pete
Dustin Demri-Burns … Harry
Antonia Clarke … Claire
Kieran Hodgson … Graham
Graham Dickson … Archie
Charly Clive … Sonia


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