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Komodo vs. Cobra is a 2005 American science fiction action horror film about an island where giant monsters have been accidentally created.

Directed by Jim Wynorski [as Jay Andrews] from a screenplay co-written with William Langlois [as Bill Munroe] (Bone Eater; House on Hooter Hill; Cry of the Winged Serpent; Butcher House; Gargoyle; The Thing Below; Cheerleader Massacre). Produced by Paul Hertzberg and Vicki L. Sawyer. Michael Paré was an executive producer.

The Cinetel Films production stars Michael Paré, Michelle Borth, Ryan McTavish, Renee Talbert, Jerri Manthey, Ted Monte and Glori-Anne.


Komodo vs. Cobra is a horrendous movie in every regard. However, there’s a lot of fun to be had in how horrendous Komodo vs. Cobra is willing to be. Terrible dialogue, some of the worst CG and green screen I’ve ever seen, and a plot that even a third-grader would reject all add up for a terribly fun time.” Bill’s Movie Emporium

” …as these bargain bucket, straight-to-the-SyFy channel creature features go, I’ve seen much worse. It’s got some nice location shots, the bloodless deaths are laughably cheesy and leading man Michael Pare makes for a charismatic dual-pistol wielding hero. Plus, it has a recurring theme that sounds like John Barry’s James Bond motif…” BloodGuts UK

“Much of the running time is taken up by the activists yapping away and to be quite honest, you’ll find yourself fighting not to hit the fast forward button to get to the monster mash action. The problem with that is that even the monster mash action can’t save this turkey. It’s poorly done, obscured by bad CGI fire, and it makes up maybe two minutes of the running time of this feature-length piece of poop.” DVD Talk

“The effects were pretty bad (though not quite as bad as some of the stuff you catch on Sci-Fi at an ungodly hour) but I was surprised by just how little was actually done with the monsters […] What saved the flick from being a complete sh*tfest was Michael Paré.” The Video Vacuum


Cast and characters:
Michael Paré … Mike A. Stoddard
Michelle Borth … Doctor Susan Richardson
Ryan McTavish … Jerry Ryan
Renee Talbert … Carrie
Jerri Manthey … Sandra
Ted Monte … Ted
Glori-Anne Gilbert … Darla
Rene Rivera … Dirk
Jay Richardson … Doctor Richardson
Rod McCary … General Bradley
Roark Critchlow … Major Garber
Paul Logan … Major Frank
Damian Raven … Weeks
Chris Neville … Lerner
Del Wills … Marsden
Paul Green … Monroe
Jordon Krain … Doctor Rhodes
Dan Golden … Doctor Michaels
Jim Wynorski … Island Scientist

Filming locations:
Kaua’i, Hawaii

Fun facts:
Chuck Cirino’s James Bond-sounding score was recycled for Cinetel’s Hydra (2009).
The monsters also include giant leeches.


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