THE BUBBLE (2022) Reviews of film-within-a-film comedy soon on Netflix

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‘Where will you be when disaster strikes?’

The Bubble is a 2022 American comedy film about a group of actors stuck inside a pandemic bubble at a hotel attempting to complete a film… Cliff Beasts 6: The Battle For Everest

Directed and co-produced by Judd Apatow (The King of Staten Island; Trainwreck; This Is 40; Funny People; Knocked Up; The 40-Year-Old Virgin) from a screenplay co-written with Pam Brady. Also produced by Andrew Dawson, Steve Dawson, Tim Inman, Dave King and Judah Miller.


The Apatow Productions movie stars Pedro Pascal, Karen Gillan, Leslie Mann, Iris Apatow, David Duchovny, Keegan-Michael Key and Vir Das.

” …The Bubble does have some moments of hilarity, terrific performances from the ensemble cast (with Apatow’s daughter Iris being the scene-stealer), and observations about pandemic life that ring a few bells. It isn’t a great picture, and it’s certainly not the director’s best work.” The Aisle Seat

The Bubble uses every moment and trend from the last several years – deep fakes, COVID tests, the Sharknado! series, the notion of indie film directors getting tapped to helm the next big blockbuster, the pointlessness of sequels, the overuse of CGI, and much, much more – and slams them into this bloated film two-hour-plus movie that should have been a shorter and punchier comedy.” ** out of ***** DC Filmdom

” …it’s just a series of brief disconnected scenes, generally from start to finish, so while it’s passable to watch for a while, it does go on way too long with so little going on. I watched it all for the purpose of writing a review, and I’ll struggle to find a more plotless film in all of 2022. For a comedy, I can barely remember laughing…” DVD Fever

“Judd Apatow has a solid concept with plenty of scattered chuckles, but it simply doesn’t skewer hard enough or develop into a story worth investing in throughout its bloated run time of one too many characters and subplots.” ** Flickering Myth

“This could have been a good premise, but the basic idea of the pandemic and bubbling up itself now feels spurious and dated, and there just aren’t enough funny lines to carry this film through its punishing 126-minute running time.” ** out of ***** The Guardian

“Add in a bunch of cameos of various amounts of screen time but equal levels of insignificance to the story and actual comedic impact, and Apatow’s philosophy becomes painfully apparent: Put as much as possible into this material, and assume at least some of it will stick. As a result, The Bubble becomes an overloaded mess that takes one decent idea and keeps splitting it…” * out of **** Mark Reviews Movies

“Apatow tried to go for an all-out comedy with themes about big corporate media that will go to any length to increase revenue or band-aid losses by any means necessary. The problem here is that the film does not fully commit to that type of dark comedy that would have made it work. But, perhaps, most importantly, the movie just is not that funny.” ** out of ***** Ready Steady Cut

” …the movie is also crammed with cameos of legendary talents, a fun thing to see but perhaps a detriment from an editing standpoint […] But with a 124-minute runtime, even the most impressive cameos start to wear thin. The plot also steers into absurd territory near the end in a way that is jarringly graphic, though the story more or less gets back on track and meanders toward an end.” 6/10 Slash Film

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