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Colonials is a 2023 American science fiction film about a space colonist with no memory who must figure out what has happened to humanity.

Directed by Joe Bland (Ellipse) and Andrew Balek from a screenplay written by Cyrus Cheek. Produced by Joe Bland.

The Bland Productions-Colonials Film production stars Greg Kriek, Daniel Roebuck, Sean Kanan, Jamie Bernadette, Louise Barnes, Timothy E. Goodwin, Jon Provost and Mike Ferguson.

Silas (Greg Kriek), a space colonist from Mars, embarks on a reconnaissance mission to Earth to figure out what happened to the ‘humans of old’. The Exiles (an evil and advanced Moon-based- civilization) intercept Silas’s squad and destroys their ship just outside Earth’s atmosphere sending Silas crashing to Earth alone.


Having lost his memory upon landing, Silas must figure out who he is and what his purpose on Earth is before the Exiles locate and destroy him…


“The movie is looking to create a much bigger world and on paper, it does create different colonies. However, the movie does get held back by the weak CGI effects that almost look unfinished. It does look like a low-budget idea with a story that could be much bigger. The performances are solid throughout the movie, and it would be nice to reunite with the characters once again.” Movie Reviews 101

” …it’s fair to say that Colonials proved a real headache to watch. Add to that frenetic pacing and a chaotic score Colonials proved less of a movie and more of an aural and visual assault on the senses – a mess from start to finish.” My Bloody Reviews

“As this universe is made up of interesting yet unremarkable designs, they’re brought alive by some of the most glaring visual effects witnessed in recent years. The art style is distracting enough when shown on its own, resembling the Toonami block realised on a lower budget, although it on-screen with the human cast is an uncomfortable sight plagued by evident green-screen.” 0.5 out of 5, Nerdly

“If you don’t mind the cheesy CGI or rough script, Colonials might be worth a watch. The storyline has some redeeming aspects, and some action-packed sequences could hold your attention. And who knows, you may appreciate this ambitious yet visually underwhelming sci-fi attempt.” 1.5 out of 5, Overly Honest Movie Reviews

” …Colonials felt extremely overloaded by the weight of its ambition as compared to what storytellers Balek and Bland were ultimately able to deliver. Regular readers know of my stance on projects overloaded with CGI, and Colonials requires a ton of it.  Some of the special effects work is very well done. Other bits? Not so much.” Sci-Fi History

“It’s too bad because if you can get past the first few minutes and the variable visuals, Colonials is an entertaining film, with some decent action scenes and a fair amount of nostalgic appeal, especially if you grew up with, or have acquired a fondness for 70s and 80s made for TV science fiction. Or the low-budget attempts at theatrical sci-fi that occasionally popped up before Star Wars revolutionized the genre.” 3 out of 5, Voices from the Balcony

In the US, Colonials was released on April 7, 2023. In the UK, the film was released on Digital on April 17, 2023.



Cast and characters:
Daniel Roebuck … Senator Tobias
Sean Kanan … Zeke
Louise Barnes … Kelli
Jamie Bernadette … Zoey
Timothy E. Goodwin … Senator Lucius
Jon Provost … Spark
Mike Ferguson … Grom
Greg Kriek … Silas
Duane Whitaker … Senator Damon
Katy Purnell … Jessie
Sarah Kozlowski … Senator Shannon
Greg Dodder … Colonial Judge
Jeremy John Wells … Cyrus
Jeff M Hill … Lockjaw
Allie Ayers … Raven
Juliet Vega … Julie
Cassidy Huckabay … Allie
Semere-Ab Etmet Yohannes … Zumbi
B.A. Tobin … Thomas
Jennifer Willis … Rhea
Eric Broser … Flatline
Doug Myers … Zeus

Technical details:
1 hour 30 minutes


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