THE SIEGE OF ROBIN HOOD (2022) Preview of action-adventure movie with trailer



‘Rebelling soon’
The Siege of Robin Hood is a 2022 Australian action-adventure film about a young man who becomes an outlaw to fight against a brutal Sheriff.

Directed, co-produced by and starring Paul Allica from a screenplay co-written with Don Macnab-Stark. Also produced by John Fallon, Shaun McFadyen and Stuart Stanton.

The Apple Rush Productions movie also stars John Fallon, Peter Roordink, Keanu Gonzalez, Dave Beamish, Kahli Williams, David Macrae, Tom McCathie, Wallis Murphy-Munn, SteveYoung and Sophie Hardy.

In a time of chaos and tyranny, the once-great nation of England teeters perilously on the brink of mass revolution. After the merciless Sheriff of Nottingham orders a brutal attack on his family, a young man named Robin swears bloody revenge on the men responsible, vowing to restore freedom to those trapped under the realm’s oppressive rule.


Advised and mentored by the reclusive magician Merlin, Robin and his right-hand man Lancelot recruit a deadly team of exiled fighters and skilled mavericks to rally the villagers for an explosive all-out assault on the Crown’s castle…

In the US, The Siege of Robin Hood will be released by Saban Films theatrically in select locations on June 3rd and on June 7th on Digital.


Cast and characters:
Paul Allica … Robin Hood
John Fallon … The Sergeant
Kahli Williams … Freyda
Steve Young … Cedric
Dave Beamish … Sir Lancelot
Claire Duncan … Courtier
Jacob Fyfe … Queens Advisor
David Macrae … Sheriff Of Nottingham
Lincoln Barros … Ferret Face
Matthew Keating … Lord Herald Ponsford
Marc Natoli … Captain Crowley
Wallis Murphy-Munn … The Queen
Monika Thomas … Courtier
Nina Laevski … Tatiana
Blake Waldron … Guard Thomas
Keanu Gonzalez … Tuck
Peter Roordink … Little John
Hannah Gridley … Jacqueline
James Morrison … Ithican
Phillip Leitch … Sir Simon
Chris Marion … Town Drunk
Sophie Hardy … Lillian
Tom McCathie … Merlin
Billy Smedley … Deadly Smedley
Zac Spielvogel … Mordred


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