KISARAGI STATION (2022) Preview of Japanese urban legend horror movie



Kisaragi Station is a 2022 Japanese horror film about a young female student’s investigation into a railway-based urban legend.

Directed by Jirô Nagae (The Samejima Incident; The Ghost Photo Club; Kotsutsubo; Authentic Recordings! Cursed UFO Experience: The X-Files) from a screenplay written by Takeshi Miyamoto (Fullmetal Alchemist; Go! Go! Kaden Danshi; Hide and Go Kill 2). Produced by Kyosuke Ueno and Shuji Ito.

The movie stars Yuri Tsunematsu (Wife of a Spy; He Won’t Kill, She Won’t Die; Sea of Revival; Before We Vanish) and Eriko Sato.

Haruna Tsunematsu (Yuri Tsunematsu) is studying folklore at university and she decides the subject of her graduation thesis will be the “Kisaragi Station” urban legend which has been a hot topic on the Internet since 2004.

During her investigation, she learns of the existence of a woman, Junko Hayama (Eriko Sato), who is rumoured to be the person who initially posted online about this urban legend, “Hasumi”. The pair meet face-to-face. After covering Junko’s assertion that she has reached a different world, Haruna heads to the station where the urban legend began…

In Japan, the film will be released by Aeon Entertainment-Nakachika on June 3, 2022.

Cast and characters:
Yuri Tsunematsu … Haruna Tsunematsu
Miyu Honda … Asuka Miyazaki
Riko … Miki Matsui
Raiga Terasaka … Daisuke Iida
Rui Kihara … Shota Kishi
Nanami Taki … Rin Hayama
Yui Izumizawa … Aoi Ozono
Tateto Serizawa … Takashi Hanamura
Eriko Sato … Junko Hayama

Original title:

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