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Abandoned is a 2022 American horror film about a young couple that moves into a remote farmhouse with their infant son. Soon, the young woman’s struggles with postpartum psychosis begin to intensify… as the house reveals secrets of its own.

Directed by Spencer Squire from a screenplay co-written with Erik Patterson and Jessica Scott. Produced by Robert Ogden Barnum, Eric Binns and Byron Wetzel.

The Before The Door Pictures-Three Point Capital production stars Emma Roberts (The Hunt; American Horror Story series; Scream Queens series; The Blackcoat’s Daughter; Scream 4), Michael Shannon (Night’s End; Bullet Train; Knives Out), John Gallagher Jr (Underwater; The Belko Experiment; Hush), Kate Arrington, Paul Dillon, Addy Miller and Justin Matthew Smith.



“What Abandoned does have is an appealing timelessness (no cell phones here), evocative photography, and a few nighttime chills, albeit none that will really keep you up at night when most of the film is a repetitive exercise in deflection. Not terribly clumsy in attempting to blend the psychological, the supernatural, and the truth, Abandoned just ends up wearing itself out in practice with a rather confused conclusion.” Grade: C, The Artful Critic

Abandoned could be brave and supply a direct understanding of the postpartum depression experience, focusing on Sarah and her fight to be clear of mind and understood by others (male characters are cartoonishly dismissive). Instead, the situation is used to inspire a DOA horror film (and one with a distasteful conclusion), showing little regard for the reality of such unwanted sorrow, exploiting it for a crude genre endeavor instead.” 1/5 Blu-ray.com


“Every haunted house trope is there. There’s a soundtrack with some solid licensed tracks played in conventional, ghost story fashion on a record player, a frightening music box, and childish laughs in the middle of the night. Michael Shannon pops up a handful of times to spout exposition. But even his character feels like an afterthought, introduced as a key player who disappears for almost the entirety of the third act.” 2/5 Dread Central

“Whilst director Spencer Squire could be accused of heavy-handedness in the way he develops the supernatural part of the story, that’s less of a problem in light of how overloaded Sara feels to begin with. It feeds into a theme about the weight of responsibility which suddenly comes with children.” 3/5 Eye for Film

“The movie does become painfully slow at times due to the lack of suspenseful scenes, and the conclusion leaves a bit to be desired. However, even for me, an avid horror fan, I still found enjoyment in the great performances, development of several of the main characters, and the showcase of a mother’s fears and struggles.” 2.5/4 Film Festival Today

“The one bright spot here is Michael Shannon as the closest thing to a neighbor […] it’s safe to say you can abandon Abandoned unless you enjoy cheap and lame spectral horror that is more noisy than intellectually stimulating (which is a shame given it wants to tackle compelling themes such as mental illness, medication, and motherhood).” Flickering Myth

“Anchored by Roberts’s fantastic performance and a fairly immersive atmosphere, ‘Abandoned’ is an example of a film that has good and solid fundamentals. It has a dark centre but isn’t distressingly serious. It sticks to its strengths and while there are the occasional lapses owing to a desire to be extra scary, it’s a promising debut from a director who seems to be keenly aware of what matters in a horror film.” High on Films

Abandoned is simply a straightforward horror drama with cheap, dated scares, and postpartum symbology that falls flat. Strictly for Emma Roberts completionists, this flick will cause an unexplainable level of psychosis in any sane viewer. Yet, Abandoned still manages to be, at the very least, palatable and entertaining.” 2/5, Josh at the Movies

“Paul Schneider appears in an intriguing if underdeveloped role, one that appears to throw the entire film in a fascinating new direction. Sadly, Abandoned quickly reestablishes itself as the predictably middling supernatural thriller you knew it was from its opening minutes.” 2.5/5 Maddwolf

“Even without the home run swing-and-a-miss, reaching the point at which everything must finally make sense — whether in literal or metaphoric terms — would’ve spelled trouble anyway. Abandoned has a few things in its favor, but the disappointing conclusion obscures them while making the movie’s flaws even more prominent, which ultimately makes it difficult to recommend.” 2/5, Screen Rant

“A listless thriller that can’t find its footing, Abandoned does occasionally rouse itself enough to suggest a better movie that never comes to pass.” The Wrap

In the US, Vertical Entertainment will release Abandoned on June 17, 2022.

Cast and confirmed characters:
Emma Roberts
Michael Shannon
John Gallagher Jr
Kate Arrington … Cindy
Paul Dillon … Harrington
Addy Miller … Anna Solomon
Justin Matthew Smith … Robert Solomon
Paxton Pope … Feral Boy

Filming locations:
North Carolina

Trailer [1080p] and contains spoilers:

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Clip 2:

Clip 3:

Clip 4:

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