THE SPY WHO NEVER DIES (2022) Review of comedic action thriller

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‘Spies are people too’
The Spy Who Never Dies is a 2022 Australian comedic action thriller film about the world’s greatest spy who falls in love with a regular girl. So, he leaves the world of espionage behind…

Written and directed by Corey Pearson (Shadow Self; Harmony; Message Man).

The Rhythmic Films production stars Paul O’Brien, Teressa Liane, Cassandra Magrath, Georgia Walters, Amir Aizenstros, Amy Christian and Natasha Maymon.

Brad (Paul O’Brien) is sick of saving the world and is looking for more from life, in fact just so-called “normal” life. A life with no guns, no villains, no recovering plutonium… you know, a normal life.

A serendipitous event has Brad meeting a seemingly normal girl named Veronica.. who is a vet… not “The Vet”, just a normal, smart, cute, vet. Veronica has a congenital heart condition, any excessive elevation in her adrenaline and heart rate could end her life. On top of that, she is allergic to bees, so a recipe for disaster… probably.


Brad tries to quit the spy agency whilst trying to have a normal relationship with Veronica. Enter the Russians with stolen hypersonic missiles, a mysterious character called Trident who is hell-bent on revenge and of course plutonium. Brad just can’t get the break he needs to see if love and a normal life are right for him, all the while having to save the world… again.

“Whilst The Spy Who Never Dies is a satire of the spy movie, it still conforms to a lot of the same tropes and cliches of the genre – which means Pearson’s film is still packed with action, including a great bathroom fight sequence that is on a par with the one in Mission Impossible: Fallout. There are certainly enough set-pieces to satisfy action movie fans…” 4.5/5 Nerdly

Cast and characters:
Paul O’Brien … Brad
Teressa Liane … Trident
Cassandra Magrath … Suzan
Georgia Walters … Veronica
Amir Aizenstros … James
Amy Christian … Tess
Natasha Maymon … Natasha aka Snowflake
Hafedh Dakhlaoui … The Dog Walker
Ana Thu Nguyen … Lollypop
Kristy Wordsworth … Jennifer
Raf Nazario … The Vet
Hayden Maher … Submarine Captain
Josh Karlik … Orgi
Luke Davis … The Apprentice
Xanthia Marinelli … First Twin
Claudio Benedetti … Sleeping Beauty
Matt de Souza … Second Twin
Igor Bulanov … Uri
Charlotte Coquelin … Paradise

Technical details:
1 hour 39 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.39: 1


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