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‘In 1518 A.D. Only the noblest warriors survive’
Aztec Rex is a 2007 fantasy horror film about conquistadors who must fight for their lives when they realise they’re going to be sacrificed… to a god-like T-Rex. Also known as Tyrannosaurus Azteca

Directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith (Arctic Blast; Doomsday Rock; Leprechaun 3 and Leprechaun 4: In Space; Night of the Demons 2; Dead-End Drive-In; Turkey Shoot) from a screenplay written by Richard Manning. Produced by Christian Arnold-Beutel, Dennis C. Duckwall, David Dwiggins, Genie Joseph and Richard Manning.

The movie stars Ian Ziering (Zombie Tidal Wave; Sharknado franchise), Marco Sanchez, Kalani Queypo, Dichen Lachman (Jurassic World: Dominion; Raya and the Last Dragon; Bled), George Allen Gumapac, William Snow, James Locke, Jack McGee, Shawn Lathrop, Milan Tresnak and Marc Antonio.


“It had a vision and it set out to accomplish it, it may have become something that it had no intention being but damn it if it is not fun. You can watch this glorious slice of delectable B-movie goodness for free with ads on Tubi.” B&S About Movies

” …the modern equivalent of 1950s lost civilization films. The CGI is particularly bad in this one, ruining what could’ve been a decent film. There also is no explanation of why there are dinosaurs there in the first place.” Down Among the “Z” Movies

The dialogue is unspeakable […], performances are shrill in stereotype roles (Queypo is amusingly venomous, though – and Lachman looks weirdly lovely with tattoos) and the action clunkily-staged even without the tipped-in ‘saurs. Still, it’s hard not to get a vestigial thrill from the mere concept – woo-hoo, Aztecs and conquistadors versus dinosaurs!” The Kim Newman Web Site

“The CGI dinosaur effects vary between the passably cheap and the shoddy, although we do get a few scenes of people being gorily eaten. The Aztec temple built for the show rather laughably seems to be only about twelve feet tall, while the entire Aztec city seems to only consist of tents erected in a field […] Ziering seems miscast to say the least.” Moria


” …Aztec Rex isn’t really about the dinosaurs at all. You could remove them entirely, and you’d still be left with basically a complete movie without changing most of the scenes at all. Still not a good movie, of course – it turns out that the political machinations and romantic interests of a tiny Aztec tribe with like three people in it doesn’t hold up a 90-minute movie very well.” Something Awful


In the UK, Aztec Rex is free to watch with Amazon Prime

Cast and characters:
Ian Ziering … Cortés
Marco Sanchez … Ríos
Kalani Queypo … Xocozin
Dichen Lachman … Ayacoatl
George Allen Gumapac … Matlal
William Snow … Mendoza
James Locke … Lt. Duran
Jack McGee … Gria
Shawn Lathrop … Alvarado
Milan Tresnak … Juarez
Marc Antonio … Gonzalez
Zoe Chun-de la Cruz … Nenetl
No’u Revilla … Tlaco
David Hall … Yaotl
Grisel Reyes … Cualli

Filming locations:
Kualoa Ranch – 49560 Kamehameha Highway, Ka’a’awa, O’ahu, Hawaii
Turtle Bay, O’ahu, Hawaii

Technical details:
1 hour 26 minutes
Aspect ratio: 1.33 : 1


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