HOUSE OF EVIL (2017) Reviews of Italian horror movie – now free to watch online

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‘Don’t look behind’
House of Evil is a 2017 Italian horror film about a young couple that moves into an old mansion in the countryside unaware of its secrets.

Directed and executive produced by Luca Boni (Zombie Massacre 2: Reich of the Dead; Apocalypse Z) and Marco Ristori (Morning Star; Chiudi gli occhi) from a screenplay co-written by Lorenzo Paviano and Raffaele Picchio. Produced by Uwe Boll.


The movie stars Andrew Harwood Mills (Retribution 2016; Zombie Massacre 2: Reich of the Dead), Lucy Drive (Dead End 2012; Cassette), Désirée Giorgetti (The Blind King; Alaska), David White (Zombie Massacre; The Reaping), Eleonora Marianelli, Graziella Fiesoli, William Gambini and Francesca Orsini.

“It is refreshing to view a movie that has a no-frills approach to cinematography, while the timeline of the film is that of a much simpler time, coupled with a touch of innocence. If you want a break from the tried-and-true template of Horror, then this may just be the fresh air you are looking for…” 4/5 Cryptic Rock

” …a paint-by-numbers rendition of every haunted house movie post-Insidious/The Conjuring before falling back on a favorite “twist” of the Italians since Roman Polanski tried his hand at overt horror […] The result is a waste of atmospheric locations that might have been used for a better script.” DVD Beaver


“It’s all been done before and the acting reflects that with bored attempts at changes in character to reflect the houses influences. The problem with this though is the characters never came across as nice people to begin with [… None of that would really matter though if the movie had at least some semblance of scares but it fails miserably at that too.” Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life 

“Like an ever-tightening net of fear, House of Evil draws us into Kate’s nightmare until things take a disturbingly Twilight Zone-ish turn. A final reveal tacks on too much last-minute exposition and familiar touches of Rosemary’s Baby but if you’re looking for an oppressively creepy and disheartening experience, this one’s for you.” HK and Cult Film News

“Both Harwood and Drive are good as John and Kate […] but I’m lost as to the reason for their faux-American accents. It’s a minor quibble, and largely forgettable, as by the time Boni and Ristori finally harness the spirit of the iconic filmmakers that share their nationality, it builds to a satisfying climax that wraps itself contentedly in its Italian roots.” The Schlock Pit


In the US, House of Evil is available free to watch for Amazon Prime members.

Filming locations:
Florence, Tuscany

Technical details:
1 hour 25 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.35: 1

Working title:


Free to watch online via YouTube

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