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‘Good is only skin deep’
Stitches is a 2001 American horror film about a demon disguised as an old woman that moves into a boarding house in order to harvest the souls of the other occupants.

Written [as Benjamin Carr] (Blade the Iron Cross; Hellraiser: Deader; Thir13en Ghosts; The Killer Eye; Hideous!; Head of the Family plus 39 others) and directed by Neal Marshall Stevens [as Neal Stevens] (Possessed 2005). Produced by Ariauna Albright, J.R. Bookwalter and Chuck Williams. Executive produced by Charles Band.

The Tana3000 Productions movie stars Elizabeth Ince, Robert Donavan, Kaycee Shank, Lindy Bryant, Marc Newburger, Alex Peabody, Debra Mayer and Maggie Rose Fleck.

“It has plenty of unsettling images — and sound design — in it, the least of which is when Mrs Albright asks a man to unstitch the skin on her back to reveal her demonic form.” B&S About Movies

” …there are solid performances all around […] The script […] sprinkles little surprises here and there and keeps things intriguing. While the film is rather slow and deliberately paced, I think that’s part of its charm.” Flipside Movie Emporium

“The film feels like a 30-40 minute Twilight Zone/Night Gallery segment made into a full film. To get that long, we get some loooong scenes that drag and lots of set-up. They go to some dark places, so don’t think that this film called Stitches that features a killer demon is, you know, family-friendly.” Mondo Bizarro

“While the first half sets everything up and gives us a couple of very interesting, non-gory kills, the second half just plods along on what was already built up, without adding anything or paying off in any real, satisfying way. I ultimately liked the ending, and I liked a lot of specifics in the second half, but it felt like it needed another draft to really tighten it up.” Silver Emulsion Film Reviews

” …this enjoyable and refreshingly different B-movie actually brings back one’s fond memories of Full Moon’s earlier efforts […] Way above average fare with decent acting (Ince is just super in her role), an old fashioned feel to the proceedings and a sort of neat paper doll finale.” The Video Graveyard


Cast and characters:
Elizabeth Ince … Mrs Albright
Robert Donavan … Sam Gray
Kaycee Shank … Miss Lester
Lindy Bryant … Mrs Grove
Marc Newburger … Will Reynolds
Alex Peabody … Robert Delaney
Debra Mayer … Ellen Delaney
Maggie Rose Fleck … Kathryn
Gary Schmoeller … Face on Imp
Michael G. Maurer … Demon Minion
Jeffrey Lindsay Relf … Demon Minion

Technical details:
1 hour 21 minutes
Audio: Stereo


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