CRAWLSPACE (2022) Reviews and trailer for Henry Thomas survival thriller



Crawlspace is a 2022 American survival crime thriller film about a plumber who witnesses a brutal murder and has to hide from the killers hoping not to be found.

Directed by L. Gustavo Cooper (June; The Devil Incarnate; second unit director on Sinister 2) from a screenplay written by Jacob D. Wehrman. Produced by Scott Karol and Steven Paul. Executive produced by Alejandro Brugués, Christine Holder, Mark Holder and Andrew J. Wilson.

The movie stars Henry Thomas (Ouija: Origin of Evil; Dead Birds; Psycho IV: The Beginning; E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial), Bradley Stryker, C. Ernst Harth, Jennifer Robertson, Olivia Taylor Dudley and Joe Costa.


He’s trapped… terrified… and yet more dangerous than they could possibly imagine. After witnessing a brutal murder in a remote cabin, plumber Robert (Henry Thomas) hides in a cramped crawlspace while the killers scour the property for a hidden fortune.


As the killers draw nearer, Robert must decide if the crawlspace will be his tomb… or the battleground in his fight for survival…

Crawlspace is a pretty entertaining, slightly comedic, crime thriller with amusing nods to Home Alone and Fargo. A nice twist makes matter slightly more interesting too. The cast is clearly enjoying themselves, the pace is brisk and there are some violently comedic moments. The working man beset by the vagaries of capitalism and crime is perhaps a tad overdone but overall this is a fun movie.
Adrian J Smith, MOVIES and MANIA

“There is enough inventiveness and originality in Crawlspace to make it an enjoyable and interesting time. Everyone in the cast does a competent job of portraying their roles, and Thomas delivers a worthwhile performance with a character that gives him something to sink his tools into.” Celluloid Heroes

Choice dialogue:
Robert [Henry Thomas]: “I’m nobody man. I’m just a plumber.”

Robert [Henry Thomas]: “I’m a plumber. I deal with pieces of sh-t all day long.”

Crawlspace has been released on Digital. Rent or buy via Amazon Prime

Cast and characters:
Henry Thomas … Robert
Bradley Stryker … Sterling
C. Ernst Harth … Dooley
Jennifer Robertson … Jordan
Olivia Taylor Dudley … Carrie
Joe Costa … Wade
Catherine Lough Haggquist … Helen Masur
Colin Decker … Tim Witner
Fletcher Donovan … Gerald
Charles Jarman … Jeff
Andrei Kovski … Vladimir
Justin Lacey … FBI Agent

Filming locations:
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


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