THE DEVIL INCARNATE aka CURSED (2013) Reviews and overview

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‘The last push for evil is here’

The Devil Incarnate is a 2013 American supernatural horror film directed by L. Gustavo Cooper (June) from a screenplay co-written with Jon Bosworth. Aka Cursed (UK title).

The movie stars Graci Carli, Rod Luzzi and Emily Rogers.



Newlyweds Holly and Trevor Davidson are on a road trip to celebrate their honeymoon in Miami when their new life together takes a surreal turn.

A whimsical pit stop in a tourist trap goes horribly wrong and they find themselves forced to face an ominous new presence in their lives and an ambiguous threat. But is that threat coming from Trevor’s family, Holly’s dark past, or something far more sinister and otherworldly, such as the ancient curse of the Copiii Pierdere?


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“I’m not usually a big fan of possession movies, but The Devil Incarnate has just enough creepy atmosphere to keep me interested. It’s a lean and mean movie, barely clocking in at 75 minutes, and it uses its time wisely. I do kind of wish there was maybe five more minutes just to explain the whole possession thing a little more, but the lack of explanation doesn’t hurt the movie.” 411 Mania

The Devil Incarnate is a fantastic indie film that is definitely worth a look. Director Cooper does an amazing job weaving an intricate story of a woman suddenly overcome by an ancient curse and the effect it has on her and her new family. Kudos to Graci Carli, Emily Rogers and the rest of the cast of the film for delivering excellent performances.” Dread Central


The Devil Incarnate is a strange little movie and I’m not sure if the people behind it knew exactly what they wanted to do with it. It’s a half-assed found footage film at times (and sometimes it isn’t) that desperately wants to be as good as Rosemary’s Baby but it fails miserably for a number of reasons.” Horror News

The Devil Incarnate is a solid little debut horror that’s well worth checking out. With some truly great acting and an interesting story, most horror aficionados will find something to appreciate.” Influx Magazine


” … literally just random bits of other possession/demon pregnancy movies slapped together with no context or coherency, with the only constant being that people argued all the f*cking time, and Trevor whined non-stop.” Sudden Scream


“The movie feels more mature at the end than it does at the beginning. It has a generic start, but becomes more interesting when Marissa and the rest of Trevor’s family are introduced. There are certainly noticeable plot holes, but they don’t stop the movie from at least being enjoyable. It is a competently made amateur feature that, while it fumbles, shows a lot of promise.” Wicked Horror

Cast and characters:

Rodrigo Luzzi … Trevor Davidson (as Rod Luzzi)
Graci Carli … Holly Davidson
Emily Rogers … Marissa Davidson
Walter Colson … Simon
Tom Riska … Frank Davidson
Cindy Hogan … Maria Davidson
Barbara Van Fleet … Vjestica
Rita Manyette … Aunt Maggie
Bailee Bennett … Sara
Osa … Rusty
Deborah Hurm … Madam Moon
David Hicks-Moonpie … Trucker
Anthony Paderewski … Michael
Breezy Sharp … Sandy / Baby Shower Guest
Towns W. Sanford … Cousin Dalton (as Sanford Towns)
Jarod Valvo … Cousin Nathan
Courtney Gardner … Delivery Room Doctor
Rhonda Garner … Delivery Room Nurse 1
Debi Day … Delivery Room Nurse 2
Leonidas Stevenson … Newborn Baby
Toni Philips … ER Doctor 1
Victor Jones … ER Doctor 2
Mildred Aldaya … ER Nurse 1
John Strickland … ER Nurse 2
Emily Moody … Hospital Receptionist
Austin Shepard … Boy in family car
Kimberly Shepard … Mom in family car
Brian Jerin … Dad in family car
Dean Freeland … Mover 1
Mat Fisher … Mover 2
Nick Davis … Weeki Wachee Employee
Jonathan Shepard … Interrogation Officer
Clark Fivek … Interrogation Officer

Filming locations:

Jacksonville, Citra, St. Augustine and Spring Hill, Florida

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Film Facts:

The film’s original title was Copiii: The 1st Entry.

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