PYTHON 2 (2002) Reviews of giant snake sequel

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‘The beast is back.’
Python 2 is a 2002 American action horror film in which a former mercenary and his wife join a secret convoy to a Soviet military base. Unfortunately, they encounter a gigantic snake and must battle the creature to get out alive. Also known as Python II; Pythons, Pythons II and Python 2

Directed by special and pyro effects expert Lee Alan McConnell – his only directorial credit – from a screenplay written by Jeff Rank. Produced by Jeffery Beach and Phillip J. Roth.

The movie stars William Zabka (Cobra Kai series; Python; The Karate Kid and sequel), Dana Ashbrook (The Willies; Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat; Girlfriend from Hell; Waxwork; Return of the Living Dead II), Alex Jolig, Simmone Jade Mackinnon (Dark Waters; Deep Shock), Marcus Aurelius, Mihail Miltchev, Vladimir Kolev, Kiril Efremov and Raicho Vasilev.


“Maybe the original wasn’t that bad after all. 21 corpses. Killer snake cam. Gratuitous slow-mo “strut” sequence. Multiple explosions. One Mexican standoff. Fire extinguisher to the brainpan. Multiple acid loogies. Mr Zabuka says with a straight face, “You guys aren’t afraid of snakes are you?” DVD Talk

” …the writing is OK, character interaction is effective, the back story (about how the haulage guy is a disgraced baseball pitcher in exile) is only slightly silly, Simmone Jade Mackinnon is gorgeous, and the snake races through tunnels with vim, being nastily predatory and spitting toxic venom with glee.” Robert Hood


“This B-movie lacks the novelty value of its predecessor and crosses the line into camp heaven when the sightless heroine outmanoeuvres the giant reptile, but genre fans should enjoy its vigorously ridiculous contrivances.” TV Guide

“It’s lower-budgeted than the first, the direction resorts to too many slo-mo moments (“hey, those guys must be bad-ass! After all, they’re walking in slo-mo smoking cigarettes while a “theme music” plays in the background!”) and the effects are nothing but lackluster with them being overly blurry at times.” The Video Graveyard

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