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‘100 feet of prehistoric terror’
Boa is a 2001 American sci-fi monster movie about a giant snake loose in a new maximum-security prison in Antarctica.

Directed by Phillip J. Roth (Dark Waters; Maximum Velocity; Deep Shock; Interceptor Force; Velocity Trap; Prototype). Produced by Jeffery Beach and Ken Olandt.

The UFO International-Cell Block Productions movie stars Dean Cain (Override; The Seven; The Incantation; Frost Giant), Elizabeth Lackey (Mulholland Drive), Mark Sheppard, Dean Biasucci, Craig Wasson (A Nightmare on Elm Street 3; Ghost Story; Schizoid), Grand L. Bush, Richard Tanner, Amanda Reyne, Greg Collins, Gary Hershberger, Dana Ashbrook and Robert Madrid.

Followed by Boa vs. Python (2004)


In the middle of Antarctica, a high maximum-security prison called New Alcatraz has recently become operational.

When a mining crew inside the prison accidentally drills into a strange rock formation, a giant, prehistoric boa constrictor is unleashed upon the prison and goes on a killing rampage. It is up to the prison staff, inmates, two palaeontologists, and a group of soldiers to hunt down and eliminate the beast…

“If you can get past the very uneven pace, Mark Sheppard’s wonky coming-and-going Russian accent, and having main characters drop in and out of the movie at random, for long periods of time, Boa, aka New Alcatraz, is quite an enjoyable creature feature filled with fun characters, cheesy death scenes, and an interesting, claustrophobic main location.” The B-Movie Shelf

“Dean Cain, Craig Wasson and Grand L. Bush are all actors that I have enjoyed in other projects over the years and all three did their part to make New Alcatraz an entertaining 96 minutes of mindless man vs. monster fun.” Bulletproof Action


“After the snake gets loose and goes on a snack attack that wipes out 99% of the cast, it’s up to the bad guys — who are experts at breaking in and out of things — to figure out an escape plan. I’m all for enlarged reptiles and/or insects wreaking havoc on the world (hey, if I had a proboscis, I’d be doing it), but this one should never have been taken out of the freezer.” Drinkin’ & Drive-In

“By the time the plane carrying the palaeontologists arrive the snake has eaten quite a few people and the survivors are ready to leave, but things go badly wrong: With the screenplay. – and the acting. At one point Dr Trenton thinks Dr Platt (his wife) is dead and doesn’t seem especially affected by it. And then… oh, the hell with it.” Feo Amante

“This is a stupid movie, but it’s surprisingly easy to suspend disbelief while watching it. The trick is to realize that the setup is completely pointless and that it’s just like every other “monster in a cramped place” movie, of which I’m pretty sure there are millions. And they’re all the same.” Films in Boxes

“The script had the chance to create a unique prehistoric monster, something like the creature from The Relic for instance, but was happy reverting to type. Much like the rest of the film! New Alcatraz is pretty bad. In fact, it’s more than pretty bad, it’s awful. Once you’ve seen one modern CGI snake movie you’ve seen them all and it’s just a case of seeing how repetitive things can get.” Popcorn Movies

“As “giant snake” movies go this is acceptable fare with decent CGI effects, okay acting (Wasson makes a good impression) and a really dopey finale (where the boa hitchhikes on a plane). Sure there’s some dumb logic (like how the characters keep shooting gas pipes – despite being warned) in the script but this is much better than all the “giant monster” claptrap being cranked out by Nu Image in the past three years.” The Video Graveyard

Choice dialogue:
Sergeant Quinn: “This is bullsh-t, Freddy! And you know it.”
Amandah Reyne: “Look there are no snakes in Ireland. Not one on the whole goddamned island!”



Cast and characters:
Dean Cain … Doctor Robert Trenton
Elizabeth Lackey … Doctor Jessica Platt-Trenton
Mark Sheppard … Yuri Breshcov
Dean Biasucci … Major Larsten
Craig Wasson … Warden Fred Riley
Grand L. Bush … Sergeant Quinn
Richard Tanner … Peter Yuvol
Amanda Kiely … Patricia O’Boyle
Greg Collins … Scott Poluso
Gary Hershberger … Goodman
Dana Ashbrook … Kelly Mitich
Robert Madrid … Jose
Chris Ufland … Jenkins
Christopher Michael … Captain Thomas
Marcus Aurelius … C-123 Pilot
Daniel McCoy … C-123 Co-Pilot
Eric Gerleman … Gulfstream Pilot
Ron Otis … McCarthy
Alex Williams … Grad student

Filming locations:
Santa Clarita, California

Technical details:
1 hour 36 minutes
Aspect ratio: 1.85: 1

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