3 DEMONS (2022) Reviews of supernatural horror with trailer and release news

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“Director and co-writer Matt Cunningham weaves a pretty interesting tale here […] This was a real surprise to me, a movie that I had no expectations for whatsoever and ended up spellbound by. Definitely check it out — it’s high concept on low budget, which is one cocktail I always love to drink.” B&S About Movies

” …from a certain point rather early in the story, this is a film that’s only very hard to follow, from a strictly logical point of view, as things that happen are contradicted, even taken back, by later events, and what’s actually “true” becomes more and more hazy the longer the film goes – and that’s really one of the qualities of the movie, as it perfectly mirrors the confusion of its central character…” Search My Trash

3 Demons doesn’t have a lot of effects, and they’re concentrated in the last half of the film. The demons themselves look creepy and the film’s couple of gore scenes are practical and messy, which is always a good thing. My one major complaint with 3 Demons comes at the end and I won’t spoil it. Especially as it works dramatically until you realize the situation would never be allowed to occur.” 3.5 out of 5, Voices from the Balcony

In the US, Uncork’d Entertainment will unleash 3 Demons on Digital and DVD on July 5, 2022. “With state-of-the-art visual effects, slick direction from Cunningham, and a great cast, 3 Demons has all the right ingredients for a good ol’ scary movie,” said Uncork’d President Keith Leopard. “I’m looking forward to audiences discovering it this summer.”


D.M. Cunningham’s statement:
“The goal for 3 Demons is to create a horror film that is terrifying and aesthetically pleasing. A film that keeps you thinking once you leave the darkness of a theatre. Did he or didn’t he? What does it mean? All while keeping the film – at its core – a freakishly scary creature movie that sends the chills up your spine. The movie that makes you check inside the closet before you go to bed.
To me, 3 Demons is a mix of dread-inducing art house horror like The Evil Dead, The Witch, Let The Right One In and The Beyond.
Our Demons.
Maw, Bearth, and Grins.
Rising from the earth and crossing over from other realms.
They are mud and blood. Bone and branch.
Spawned from the darkest deep pits.
Nightmares incarnate.”


Cast and characters:
Peter Tell … Deputy James Fisher
Haley Heslip … Sheriff Winters
Sheryl Despres … Doctor Sawyer
Zoe Cunningham … Lucy/Demon Grins
Laura Golinski … Matya Abelman/Demon Bearth
Jovonnah Nicholson … Mary/Demon Maw

Technical details:
1 hour 38 minutes

Quote from Wes Craven at the start of the closing credits: “All I’m doing is rearranging the curtains in the insane asylum.”

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