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Jurrasic Predator: Xtinction is a 2010 American creature feature horror film directed by Amir Valinia (Lockjaw: Rise of the Kulev Serpent) from a screenplay by Cameron Larson (Sand Sharks). It is also known as Xtinction: Predator X and Alligator X.

The movie stars Mark Sheppard (Evil Eyes, Supernatural TV series), Elena Lyons (Devil’s Prey), Paul Wall, Lochlyn Munro (Penance, The Tooth Fairy).



When her father seemingly goes missing, Laura LeCrois (Elena Lyons) is forced to return home and face a terrifying creature living in the Louisiana wetlands: Alligator X, the “T-Rex of the ocean!” Laura slowly realises that her ex-husband, an infamous local doctor, may have genetically bred the monster…


” … a tiresome cliché-a-thon; most monster movies of the Syfy persuasion go this route. I’m sure some of you are thinking who really cares as long as the monster action is good and plentiful. Nope. All of the action may revolve around this predatory plesiosaur but very little of that action actually involves it. The CGI dino of inconsistent size and limited animations gets little face time in its own flick and doesn’t do much even when it takes center stage.” Dread Central

“I absolutely love creature features, especially bad ones made for television and those that go straight to DVD. Alligator X should be right up my alley, but it was so bad that I spent most of the movie rolling my eyes.” The Best Deaths

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