HOSPITAL (2020) Reviews of Taiwanese Netflix horror

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Hospital is a 2020 Taiwanese horror film about a grieving wife who pays Tao priests to commune with the spirit of her deceased loved one in an infamous haunted hospital.

Written and directed by Chia-Lin Chu, making his feature directorial debut.

The movie stars Li-chi Hsu, Lei Hung, Samuel Ku, Austin Lin [aka Po-Hung Lin and 林柏宏] (Terrorizers; Transformers: Age of Extinction), Bo-Hong, Tai-Bo (The Silent Forest; Coffin Homes; Drunken Master 2; Police Story) and Zhi-Ying Zhu.


…Hospital balances itself between a curious visual game that, in the midst of classic and functional horror elements, takes the viewer to another place of interaction with the work; and certain incompetence that makes the experience limited, even weakening its metaphorical possibilities. It is interesting for bringing new elements or at least presenting variations of the same elements.” Cenas de Cinema [translated from Portuguese]

“The cast try their best, there is some nice camerawork hidden under all the deep dark lighting and, again, the concept is rife for some fun spooky goings-on but unfortunately Hospital buries it under cliché, sub-standard scares, and a jumbled narrative. Shame.1.5 out of 5, Far East Films

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MOVIES and MANIA rating:

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Released in Taiwan on streaming services on December 31, 2020. Streamed worldwide on Netflix on March 21, 2021.

Not to be confused with Mohd Azaromi Ghozali’s 2017 horror movie of the same name.


Cast and characters:
Li-chi Hsu … Xiao-Ling Su
Lei Hung … Ghost Queen
Samuel Ku … Su’s husband
Austin Lin/Po-Hung Lin … A-Hung
Tai-Bo … Taoist priest
Zhi-Ying Zhu … Nurse

Technical details:
1 hour 29 minutes

Original title:
杏林醫院 aka Xing lin yi yuan

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