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Wifelike is a 2022 American science fiction film about an artificial human assigned as a companion to a grieving widower. But in the fight to end AI exploitation, an organization attempts to sabotage her programming. Also known as WifeLike

Written and directed by James Bird (Eat Spirit EatHoneyglueWe Are Boats and The Circuit: Star Crew). Produced by Christine Holder, Mark Holder, Scott Karol and Steven Paul. Executive produced by Austin Aronson and Greg Weiss.

The SP Media Group-Wonder Street production features Jonathan Rys Meyers, Elena Kampouris, Doron Bell, Agam Darshi, Sara Sampaio, Alix Villaret, Fletcher Donovan, C. J. Perry, Stephen Lobo, Rachelle Goulding, Caitlin Stryker, C.J. Perry Barnyashev, Claire Friesen, Sean Yves Lessard, Sari Mercer, Chezca Vega, Bradley Stryker, Stuart James, Albert Nicholas and Steve Weller.


Plot synopsis:
A grieving detective in the near future (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) hunts down criminals who trade artificial humans on the black market. In the fight to end AI exploitation, an underground resistance attempts to infiltrate him by sabotaging the programming of the artificial human assigned as his companion (Elena Kampouris) to behave like his late wife. She begins to question her reality as memories of a past life begin to surface in a world where nothing is as it seems…


Release date:
Wifelike was released by Paramount theatrically in select locations and on Digital on August 12, 2022. Rent or buy via Amazon.com

“Bird’s writing gets too caught up in exposition, especially in the third act, as connections need to be explained. However, the answers aren’t all that interesting, and it doesn’t help to have Meyers basically sleepwalking through the movie, showing very little interest in giving William a defined presence in the tale. More animated is Kampouris, who does very well with an exploitative part…” 5 out of 10, Blu-ray.com

“At the core of the film, there is a mystery plot that, while functional, feels like it drags a bit, and some revelations towards the end feel more like a post-credit scene than an actual ending. The implications are interesting, and it would make a good sequel, but at the same time, they are not as strong to make you feel completely satisfied when the credits start rolling.” 7 out of 10, Fiction Horizon

Wifelike is not an all-out action film so don’t go in expecting bang for your buck, but it’s a well-produced and entertaining thriller with great performances that build a human/AI world where everything blurs between what is real and what isn’t.” Flickering Myth


“Bird’s intentions are probably good. They’re just woefully misguided—partly because of generic science-fiction conventions, such as the primary theme of the sentience and agency of artificially intelligent life, and partly because the screenplay is more interested in plot than its characters. It’s a pretty predictable mystery…” 1.5 out of 4, Mark Reviews Movies

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