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‘Don’t follow too close’
Ghosthunters is a 2016 American supernatural horror film written and directed by Pearry Reginald Teo (The Curse of Sleeping Beauty; Dracula: The Dark Prince; Necromentia).

The Asylum production stars Stephen Manley  (Crucible of Terror),  David O’Donnell (Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark; Halloween Knight), Francesca Santoro (My Haunted House TV series), Liz Fenning, Web Crystal, Phyllis Spielman, Anna Harr, Kim Shannon and Aaron Moses.


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Henry (Stephen Manley), a paranormal investigator, recently lost his wife Martha (Phyllis Spielman) and daughter Gabby (Anna Harr) to capture and convicted serial killer Nightstalker, who enjoys torturing and killing his victims while dressed as a plague doctor. Henry asks his friend Neal (David O’Donnell) to help him use a machine he designed which can capture and convert ghosts into ectoplasm.screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-12-28-14

After the funeral of his family, Henry meets with Neal, Neal’s reporter girlfriend Amy (Francesca Santoro), machine programmer Jessica (Liz Fenning), and Devon (Web Crystal) at the Nightstalker’s house. The team sees many ghosts with their devices which includes ghost vision goggles. They finally manage to capture a ghost.

Devon becomes uncomfortable with the idea and leaves but is killed by an unknown ghost. Amy begins to gain psychic abilities every time the machine is used. She sees how the Nightstalker killed his victims and senses a dark presence which is not a ghost, but she believes is the spirit of the Nightstalker…



“Unfortunately, Ghosthunters is a disappointing dip into dullness for the director.  Production value is ok, albeit movie-of-the-week quality.  But the story is so lazy and the acting tuned so carelessly high that the final film reads as a passionless rush job with no memorable merit to speak of.” Culture Crypt

” …despite its obviousness, Ghosthunters builds up quite a head of atmosphere, despite the rather distasteful violence to women subtext. It’s well acted and put together; sure the budget is minimal and the climax suffers as a result, but this was a reasonably enjoyable romp, and Manley’s over-the-top performance is note-perfect.” The Dark Eyes of London

“I still enjoyed this, despite the many mistakes made, but I know that I am often more forgiving than many other viewers. I’d still say that it’s worth your time though. A bit of reshuffling of the plot, some tweaking of the script, and perhaps a few more simple scares, and this could have been a genuinely good ghost flick.” For It Is Man’s Number


“The editing was coherent and I found it refreshing that this horror film didn’t follow the stereotypical formula of ‘everyone splits up and dies one-by-one in a predictably boring fashion’. Stephen Manley has no trouble carrying the lead role and is dynamic and believable.” J. Henry

” …Ghosthunters attempts to start snapping the puzzle pieces in place to explain the preceding events and motivations, several previous scenes and goings-on make even less sense than they did before. Eventually, the logic of the whole thing sort of crumbles under its own weight. […] horror fans tend to prioritize tension and dread over lucidity, and if you are willing to make that tradeoff, Ghosthunters can be oddly satisfying.” Horror News

“The best thing about the film is possibly the props. The best prop in the entire movie is a pair of steampunk-styled ghost spotting goggles. Second runner-up is a steampunk-styled plague doctor mask worn by the killer. Sadly the ghost trapping machine itself is a bland jumble of spare parts that look like they could be anything. The rest of the special effects are okay, but not great.” UK Horror Scene

“The film’s only small flaw is a retread of a montage featuring what may be Gabby getting killed and the Night Stalker, which is seen quite a few times in different spots. However, getting past that, the film smoothly transitions into a twist that is unexpected and shocking that it delves into insanity, ultimately making this one of the stronger titles from The Asylum.” World Film Geek

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Full film – free to watch online on the Horror Central YouTube channel

Cast and characters:
Francesca Santoro … Amy – My Haunted House TV series
Stephen Manley … Henry – Crucible of Terror
David O’Donnell … Neal – Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark; Halloween Knight
Liz Fenning … Jessica
Web Crystal … Devon
Phyllis Spielman … Martha
Anna Harr … Gabby
Kim Shannon … Sally
Aaron Moses … Stanley

Filming locations:
Los Angeles, California


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