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‘Some secrets are better left buried’
Paranormal Asylum is a 2013 American horror film about two filmmakers investigating the story of Typhoid Mary who died in an insane asylum. They discover that although scary Mary may be dead, she is not gone.

Directed by Nimrod Zalmanowitz from a screenplay written by Fred Edison. The Meridien Films production stars Aaron Mathias, Nathan Spiteri and Laura Gilreath.

Mark and Andy are best friends and aspiring filmmakers seeking their next project. They decide to investigate the mystery of Mary Malone, aka Typhoid Mary, who was sent to North Brother Island, a New York insane asylum, to live in quarantined isolation after she was blamed for spreading typhoid fever.


Dozens were infected by the terrible virus, and several deaths resulted as well. She would eventually die on North Brother Island after living for decades in isolation, a tragic end to a tumultuous life. When Andy’s fiancee, Michelle starts to behave erratically and is eventually abducted, they must risk their lives and face the inevitable that Typhoid Mary may have never died…


“This really never becomes a pleasant movie to watch, which is not just only due to its story but more so due to its storytelling. Too much doesn’t make any sense, characters make some ridiculous and unlikely decisions, the editing is terrible and the movie is lacking focus.” Boba_Fett1138

“The production does its best to approach a typical story in an atypical way, but its best is not good enough. Taking a major chunk of the narrative out of the haunted asylum and replacing it with talking heads spouting exposition only affords the cast an opportunity to take rough performances off the rails.” Culture Crypt


“Director Nimrod Zalmanowitz spends most of the movie reminding unfortunate viewers that this is his first time directing a feature while writers Gregory Scott Houghton and Fred Edison seem to spend the entire movie . . . . . . . . taking the piss, to be quite frank. Character decisions aren’t just stupid, they’re off the scale stupid.” For It Is Man’s Number

Paranormal Asylum sits halfway between the enthusiastically amateurish and the occasionally effective. There is the odd moment that holds something eerie with ghostly figures appearing on railway lines, in tv monitors or around the hospital […] On the other hand, the scenes where Laura Gilreath develops glowing eyes just look cheap and schlocky.” Moria


“It’s neither a big and pointless special effects fest à la big budget Hollywood, nor is it yet another crappy “found footage” exercise (even if my synopsis might suggest just that) – instead, Paranormal Asylum: The Revenge of Typhoid Mary tells a proper, engaging story with plenty of interesting and unexpected plot twists, carried by fleshed-out characters and atmospheric images – and you simply can’t ignore the perfectly creepy locations…” Search My Trash

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Choice dialogue:
Michelle [Laura Gilreath]: “You catch more fish with the right bait.”

Cast and characters:
Aaron Mathias … Mark
Nathan Spiteri … Andy
Laura Gilreath … Michelle
Grace Evans … Evelyn
Jenny Lee Mitchell … Typhoid Mary
Boomer Tibbs … George Sheffield
Tym Moss … Norm
Paul Bright … Dr Brooks
Cameron Chiusano … Dan
Anthony Risticati … First Orderly
Barry Holcomb … Second Orderly
Johnny Compton … Third Orderly
Ilanah Lobel Torres … Teenage Girl
Rosalind Ashford … Ghost

Technical details:
1 hour 29 minutes
Aspect ratio: 1.78: 1

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