DON’T LOOK AT THE DEMON (2022) Reviews of paranormal possession horror plus trailer and release news

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‘Inspired by a true banned ritual’
Don’t Look at the Demon is a 2022 horror film about a team of paranormal investigators probing disturbances at a house with a dark past.

Directed and co-produced by Brando Lee (Gangster Wars; Chow Kit) from a screenplay written by Alfie Palermo based on a storyline by Brando Lee. Also produced by Thomas E. Nicholson and Danny Saphire.

The Malaysian Barnstorm Entertainment-Brando Studios co-production stars Harris Dickinson (Where the Crawdads Sing, Triangle of Sadness, The King’s Man), Fiona Dourif (Tenet; Cult of Chucky; Arbor Demon; Fear Clinic; Curse of Chucky), Malin Crépin, Randy Wayne, Jordan Belfi, William Miller, Ashlyn Boots, Jessie Franks, Thao Nhu Phan and Konglar Kanchanahoti.


Plot synopsis:
Led by a troubled medium, Jules, an American television crew of paranormal investigators go to the home of a couple who claim to have experienced inexplicable, threatening disturbances. Delving into the mystery, they encounter possessions and apparitions more terrifying than any they’d witnessed before – actual contact with the other side.


As the cameras roll and bodies are possessed, they’re inevitably overwhelmed by this violent supernatural force. Their only hope? Jules. She refuses to face what really happened when her first supernatural encounter left her sister dead. But her dark past, if she can unlock it, could be their only hope of stopping the demon before it’s too late…

In the US and Canada, Don’t Look at the Demon was released by Outsider Pictures on October 7, 2022.

“The relatively large cast is filled with stock characters. This is not a dealbreaker, but it is disappointing. The end result is Don’t Look at the Demon feels like just another formulaic horror movie. While it does not do anything novel, it does try to present things in a different way. It is not a complete success, but it is a fun genre offering.” AIPT

“Offering up a few minor detriments and plenty of solid supernatural action, Don’t Look at the Demon is a wholly enjoyable genre effort that manages to provide enough positive features to be worthwhile over its minor flaws. Viewers with an affinity for this brand of horror feature or fans of Asian horror, in general, will have plenty to like here.” Asian Movie Pulse

“Working from a playbook cobbled together from other franchises – The Exorcist and The Evil Dead most prominent among them – Lee’s film can genuinely rip when the prosthetics and wirework take center stage […] it may sit somewhere in the middle of the pack – but hell, there are worse reasons to see a movie than solid possessions and Fiona Dourif.” 2.5/5, Austin Chronicle

“fans of the genre will at least get the chance to witness some truly wild and grim concepts. There’s certainly potential in the film, even if it isn’t all realized. If Lee had kept the story’s focus on the elements that made the film stand out in a crowded field instead of getting distracted with standard scares and underwhelming characters, it might have been something memorable.” CBR

” …the film’s standout is arguably Konglar Kanchanahoti, as the mysterious Thai monk. He definitely has a Vithaya Pansringarm (from Only God Forgives) vibe going on, which is cool […] it is legit scary, for the same reason Catholic and Shamanic horror is almost always so unsettling. Enthusiastically recommended for fans of demonic horror…” J.B. Spins


“I would recommend this off the strengths of Dourif and Dickinson—what could have been paper-thin caricatures are crafted into terrific showcases for both actors. Overall, Don’t Look at the Demon may not be anything we haven’t seen before, but it’s still worth watching for a sadistic ending and two excellent performances.” 3/5, Josh at the Movies

Don’t Look at the Demon is better produced and acted than your usual exorcism yarn. Fiona Dourif elevates the material to a new level and the rest of the cast are capable actors as well. Set in the same area as the excellent film, The Medium […] I think that film is much more effective in conveying the power of demons  […] It is a decent watch. Not over the top great, but better than most in this subgenre.” ML Miller


” …Lee seeks to explore the union of good and evil, and his film indeed encompasses light and dark elements. However, his underlying themes lean heavily into dark aesthetics, and the story often struggles to balance strong depictions of good alongside evil. Finally, despite its otherwise impressive production values, the sound for this film is overwhelming.” 3/5, Morbidly Beautiful

“The strongest aspect of Don’t Look at the Demon is its eerie atmosphere. The lighting, set design and camerawork combine to create a lot of scenes that will creep you out just through the visual alone. Beyond that, though, there’s nothing that really stands out, not even the acting which is fine, but unexceptional.” The NYC Movie Guru

“I’ve seen A lot of exorcism movies, and while they traditionally offer up a few good scares, most fall flat when they repeat the same thing that’s been done time and time again. That’s not the case here; between some vividly realistic acting and some incredibly well-done (and well-placed CGI), we get a solid take on the genre that left me with goosebumps…” Overly Honest Movie Reviews

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