THE MURDER PODCAST (2021) Reviews, trailer and release news

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The Murder Podcast is a 2021 American comedy horror film about a true crime podcaster who unwittingly unleashes a supernatural threat.

Written, directed and edited by William Bagley (shorts: Postfontaine; Hector Felix), making his feature directorial debut.

The Brodacious Films production stars Andrew McDermott, Cooper Bucha, Logan Mariner, Brian Edmond, Levi Burdick, and Scott Hawkins.

Plot synopsis:
Desperate to get more podcast listeners, Chad Thadwick (Andrew McDermott) decides he needs a new topic. After a murder in his hometown, the answer is clear: a true crime podcast! With the help of his best friend, Chad starts investigating; only to get wrapped up in a terrifying adventure full of supernatural threats!


In the US, The Murder Podcast will be released on Digital platforms on October 26, 2022.

“Rather than feeling like caricatures of people or cardboard cut-outs, when the characters get to engage with each other as people, Murder becomes a film you want to like and subscribe to. But it too frequently launches itself away, eschewing the human for the farcical. With little anchoring it, much of Murder is people being jerks to each other until the cost of continuing is too high.” Elements of Madness

” …The Murder Podcast has a balanced intensity of horror and comedy which basically feels average. Neither of the two delivers the x-factor as the audiences are neither left pissing their pants out of fear nor sprawling on the floor with laughter after watching this movie. If the performances were upped up, then this could have saved this flick with great potential from drowning in its own storyline.” 6/10, Fiction Horizon

” The comedy is very light and centers on the misadventures of Chad and Eddie as the pair are moved from one crazy situation to the next. For a supernatural, indie comedy-thriller, the production values and cinematography are exceptional. In the end, The Murder Podcast is good, deadly fun.” 7/10, Film Threat

“Although it’s similar in tone to Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, I don’t mean to suggest writer/director William Bagley’s first feature is quite as winning; the third act’s heavy shift to the supernatural tips the scales away from what the film does best. But it’s close enough to run circles around so many indie horror-comedy wannabes, from John Dies at the End to Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer.” Flick Attack

“Structurally, this movie is uneven. It even falls off the rails a little but it’s generally a pretty fun watch. Andrew McDermott and Cooper Bucha look like they’re enjoying themselves throughout, making it even better.” Nashville Noise

” …decently fun, very campy little horror indie […] This movie falls off the rails in parts but has its comical and gory moments and generally, it’s a pretty good watch…” Peggy At the Movies

“The horror story is solid and just enough to keep our interest; this one rests on our ability to care about the characters, and the insane situation they find themselves in. Bagley and co. hit that one out of the park.” Sonic Cinema


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