ALTA VALLEY (2022) Reviews of modern Western actioner plus trailer

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‘To save a life they must free a nation’
Alta Valley is a 2022 American modern Western action film about a Mexican-Navajo young woman fighting for her family against a mob boss.

Written, photographed, directed, and co-produced by Jesse Edwards. Also produced by Joel Edwards.

The Evolve Studios production stars Briza Covarrubias, Allee Sutton Hethcoat, Micah Fitzgerald, Paula Miranda, Paulette Lamori, Oscar Balderrama, Ricardo Herranz, Danny Arroyo, Harold Skow, David Ogle, Jeron Bray, Noah Collins, Dave Martinez, Esteban Cueto, Antonio Lexerot, Craig Rapacki and Todd Rulapaugh.

Plot synopsis:
Unable to pay for her mother’s medical treatment, Lupe Reyes (Briza Covarrubias), a Mexican-Navajo mechanic, ventures to Alta Valley to seek financial help from her estranged father, Carl (Micah Fitzgerald).

On the way, she befriends Maddy Monroe (Allee Sutton Hethcoat), an outlaw cowgirl who is on the run from a Mexican mob boss. When they finally meet Carl, his vile crimes are revealed, including his illegal trades and the mistreatment of Lupe’s distant Navajo family.


In order to save her mother, Lupe must defend herself, and her heritage, and overthrow the insidious exploitation of her people and their land…

“Outside of being a bit predictable and having some characters that aren’t as strong as they could be, Alta Valley is a great modern western. The movie goes by very quickly, and it is filled with entertaining scenes that escalate the stakes and the feelings of the characters at a very good pace. It might not be the most memorable of westerns, but you will not regret giving it a watch.” 7/10, Fiction Horizon

“The filmmaker wrings as much suspense and atmosphere out of the visuals as possible, elevating the film to a higher level. Alta Valley has a few issues; some scenes go on too long or don’t always make sense. But, the characters are well written, the cinematography is unbelievably excellent, and the cast is uniformly strong.” 8.5/10, Film Threat

Alta Valley had the potential to be a great film, maybe even one of the most celebrated of the year, on paper. But for every pro the film has, a con lurks right behind it. The acting is generally really good, but the direction around it makes the characters stand out less. The script has a lot of heart and a smart way of evolving, but it disappoints with iffy decisions in other areas.” 3/5, Loud and Clear


“The film continues to up the ante almost its entire runtime by adding to the trip, but even more so by showing the injustices done to the family. It’s ultimately a story with far deeper meaning than even the critical story on the surface. Director Jesse Edwards meant for the film to be as impactful as it is by disguising it as an action film, and I think that’s truly brilliant.” Overly Honest Movie Reviews

Alta Valley will have its world premiere on October 1, 2022, at the Nashville Film Festival. Meanwhile, virtual screenings are now available online


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