THE MINUTE YOU WAKE UP DEAD (2022) Reviews of murder mystery thriller with Morgan Freeman

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The Minute You Wake Up Dead is a 2022 American crime thriller about a stockbroker in a Southern town who gets involved in an insurance scam with a next-door neighbour that leads to multiple murders.

Directed by Michael Mailer (Heart of Champions; Blind) from a screenplay co-written with Timothy Holland. Produced by Andrew Stevens who also co-stars.

The Andrew Stevens Entertainment-Eyevox Entertainment-Milestone Studios co-production also stars Jaimie Alexander, Cole Hauser, Morgan Freeman, Darren Mann, Tony DeMil, Ben VanderMey, Kenneth Farmer, David Dahlgren, Liann Pattison, James Harlon Palmer, Dee Lucroy Dempsey and John Dylan Atkins.


” …this sexy, riveting noir thriller will keep you guessing. After a shady small-town stockbroker begins dating a shy waitress, a shocking murder takes place — and one of them may be responsible. As word spreads that there’s money behind the killing, every criminal in town wants their share of the cash. One shocking plot twist follows another, and a bloody showdown leads to a mind-blowing finale.”


Release date:
In the US, The Minute You Wake Up Dead was released by Lionsgate theatrically in select locations and On-Demand (VOD) on November 4, 2022. Rent or buy via Amazon Prime

“A religious theme about greed and sin bookends the film. It’s supposed to help explain how everything gets resolved so tidily, but it really just devalues the writing […] The Minute You Wake Up Dead could be a more interesting movie if the audience could have been allowed to discover some of the turns rather than just being told everything.” 2 out of 5, Film Gate Reviews

“None of these characters are particularly likable, which would be fine if they had some depth and the film’s constant religious musings on the nature of sins and sinners amounted to anything thought-provoking. As a result, there’s also no reason to care or get invested in what happens to any of these shady people driven by greed or finding a safety net for their failed business ventures.” 2 out of 5, Flickering Myth


“The whole thing is one piece of inconsistent plotting and one act of unbelievable ineptitude […] after another. The Minute You Wake up Dead tries to add the laughable angle of a morality play into the mix, but by the time the heavy-handed final narration arrives, one will probably be too busy with one’s favorite expression of disbelief at how simply, quickly, and foolishly the plot resolves to care too much.” 1 out of 4, Mark Reviews Movies

“It’s a quiet little film, with the essential sex and violence elements occurring either off-camera or visually minimized. Nothing great, but most should find this tangled web they weave a satisfactory diversion. It’s got Morgan Freeman, folks. That’s almost a guarantee of merit on its own.” 3 out of 5,


” …painfully slow to unfold and not particularly satisfying in its conclusion. If you like laughing at bad movies, your ship has come in. If you want something half-decent, don’t let the Freeman siren song lure you to the rocks of death, tempting as they seem once you’ve sunk your time into this dreck.” 2 out of 5,  Santa Fe Reporter

” …mostly palatable direction with occasional notes worth taking for the wrong reasons. Scripting doesn’t do much either, as the worn-down tropes that make up The Minute You Wake up Dead are elevated by increasingly improbable twists that don’t have much of a foundation to stand on aside from the framed narrative, which still doesn’t add anything to the feature. Production values are generally mediocre. Sound, settings, camera work, and the very few effects are all middling at best.” 1.5 out of 5, Voices from the Balcony

The Minute You Wake Up Dead is a very basic murder thriller that wouldn’t be out of place on the Lifestyle channel. You get the vibe from the acting and the filming locations. Even Morgan Freeman looks like he’s been dragged out of bed to play his role. The murder isn’t that mysterious and you should work it out before topping your glass up for your second drink.” 2 out of 5, Which Film

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