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‘Live to sleep another day’
Sleep. Walk. Kill. is a 2022 American comedy horror film about a mysterious sound that causes people to sleepwalk on masse and kill.

Written and directed by Justin Miller, making his feature directorial debut.

The Hell M N O Productions movie stars Bill Reick, Ellen Boscov, Samantha Russel, John Reshetar, Melanie Rosedale and The Legendary Wid.

If you sleep, you become one of them. News reports tell of an Earth-shattering sound heard along the entire East Coast. Nobody knows where it came from. Nobody knows what it means. That night, people start walking in their sleep. And killing in their sleep.

When the screaming stops and the blood dries up, the ones who are left have to work together to stay alive. Heads will roll, and eyeballs will fly, but for Edgar (Bill Reick), hell is still just other people. His ex-wife, his parents and all his neighbours are hiding out at his house. And they’re even worse than the flesh-eating sleepwalkers…


Sleep. Walk. Kill. is horror filmmaking at its most independent. A motley crew way outside of any system made a movie because that’s what we wanted to do. For some of us, it was our first feature. It represents our admiration for the genre, our aspirations as filmmakers, and years of hard work. This is a message-in-a-bottle we hope will reach like-minded misfits. We did it all for the love of horror, and now we’re sharing that love with you. Thank you for taking time out of your life to check it out.”

Sleep.Walk.Kill was released on Digital and On-Demand (VOD) by Terror Films on November 4, 2022.


“Shot in Yardley, PA, this is made with a cast of Philadelphia-based comedians, which helps, as it’s quite talky in parts. It also remembers that zombie fighting idea from Night of the Living Dead: when in doubt, hide in the basement. This movie is unique in that not only does it have sleepwalking zombies — I mean, will they die if you wake them up?” B&S About Movies

” …most of the comedy seems to come less from the awkward family situations and more the flippant nature of how they deal with death. A choice which crosses a line when a joke is thrown in to break the tension over a pregnant woman’s sudden death. Starting out with a great idea, Sleep. Walk. Kill just doesn’t live up to its potential making the audience feel like they missed out on something great.” Battle Royale with Cheese

“In the end, it’s just too chatty: maybe Sleep. TALK. Kill. would have been more appropriate a title? While that can work, you need to have dialogue that really sparkles, and that only occasionally is the case here. It’s especially the case when your plot involves characters talking about sleep, trying not to fall asleep, and occasionally dozing off. It all seemed to have an almost subliminal impact, for I’ll admit there were occasionally points where I was tempted to join them.” Rating: C, Film Blitz

“In the end, it is an entertaining horror that keeps us on our toes. It has surprises and a nice spin on the zombie inclusion into the movie. Sleep. Walk. Kill. Is a sleepwalking zombie movie that brings a fresh spin to the zombie idea.” Movie Reviews 101

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