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Shrieker is a 1998 American horror film about a monster with two heads that terrorises a group of students. Also known as Shriek

Directed by David DeCoteau [as Victoria Sloan] from a screenplay by Neal Marshall Stevens [as Benjamin Carr]. Produced by Michael Feichtner, Kirk Edward Hansen and Michael J. Mahoney. Executive produced by Charles Band.

The Full Moon Entertainment production stars Tanya Dempsey, Jamie Gannon, Parry Shen, Alison Cuffe, Thomas R. Martin, Chris Boyd, Jenya Lano, Brannon Gould and Rick Buono.

Plot synopsis:
Clark (Tanya Dempsey) is a young Mathematics major at university who thinks she’s found the best deal for student housing: a group of squatters who live in an abandoned hospital secretly. The quirky residents let her into their community provided she follow the rules, including not telling anyone about her living arrangements.

All seems fine until she discovers that the reason that the hospital was abandoned was a series of murders in the 1940s by a strange “shrieking killer” who was never captured – and the discovery that someone who’s living in the hospital is using occult means to bring back the “Shrieker,” a demonic force summoned and controlled by a human who knows the proper procedure. When strange occult circles are discovered, Clark finds herself the main suspect, because she is the newest resident…

“The Shrieker looks pretty cool, with two heads twisted together and a good amount of visual detail. The creature has a fun design and isn’t hidden in the shadows, we’re given good looks to soak in the sights. This kind of movie needs an effective monster and to me, the Shrieker fills that role well. The dialogue here is fun, with all kinds of pretentious babble, from characters you want to punch or at the least, see eaten alive by the Shrieker.” Marc Fusion

Shrieker somewhat transcended its shittiness through a couple of good WTF moments and some fun creature FX work, but obviously your experience will vary. Unlike a lot of transcendent B-Movies, though, how bad Shrieker was never left my mind, and this is why I ultimately rated it as I did. But if you’re firmly entrenched in a loving relationship with low-budget cinema give it a whirl. You could do a lot worse!” Silver Emulsion

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