GHOST TRACK (2020) Reviews of British horror

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‘The dead never forget’
Ghost Track is a 2020 British horror film about a young teenager who dies tragically on a train line, even after his friends try to save him. As adults, his former friends find his spirit seems to be out for revenge. Originally titled Morris

Written and directed by Jason M.J. Brown (Creek Encounters; Dark Vale;  Dead Girl WalkingCity of Decay).

The movie stars Adam Probets, Tamara Glynn, Lamissah La-Shontae, Darren Randall, Katie Richmond-Ward, Lisa Poisman, Natalie Biggs, Darren Whitfield, Olivia Maiden, Sam Rose, Jude Forsey, James Barnes and Daniel Crowe.


“You have to go with the whole thing not to find the plot reveal a bit silly, and unfortunately, some of the acting is less than stellar, although I understand that Brown was forced to do some post-production add-ons, so this is forgiven. I could really have done with more build-up to the haunting though; it’s a great story and I would have liked it to unfold a little more incrementally. But Morris scores in the right places.” Dark Eyes of London

“Perhaps Brown is guilty of heading back to the well once too often, placing a false finish at the halfway point when it’s clear that Morris will be back before the running time is over. This only serves to weaken the mystique around Morris. However, some clever touches within the script help to justify this, as we explore not only the haunting of the primary friend group but also the disappearance of the school bus.” Midlands Movies


“With a running time of 75 mins, Brown has nicely packed the story without any superfluous elements and the film rolls along nicely, not once dropping the pace. Overall, Morris is a nice little flick that is both fun and intriguing. A solid piece of entertainment that shows Jason Brown is one to keep an eye on.” 8 out of 10, Movie Truth

” …it manages to pump some new blood onto the genre, as it concentrates on characters rather than kills and lets them act and react in a more realistic manner than in usual genre fare – which is of course helped by a solid cast. That’s not to say though that there isn’t plenty of suspense in the film, and even some jump scares, the film’s just told in a more engaging way…” Search My Trash


“While it won’t satisfy the crowd that needs digital phantoms popping up every few minutes, Ghost Track should satisfy those who appreciate micro-budgeted horror and don’t mind the lack of effects. Others may find the lack of gore and jump scares, as well as the film’s overall shot on a cell phone look, to be a turn off.” 3 out of 5, Voices from the Balcony

“This is a vicious one and be warned… quite heartbreaking. For a gritty and unforgiving horror experience see Jason Brown’s Morris.” Zisi Emporium for B Movies


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