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‘Time to play’
Good Boy is a 2022 Norwegian horror film about a young couple who meet on a dating app. Bizarrely, the young man also lives with a human dog.

Written and directed by Viljar Bøe (Theodor; Til Freddy), Produced by Karol Oskar Åsli, Marie Andrea Waade Grønning and Ane Marie Sletten. Produced by Marie Waade Grønning, Ane Marie Sletten and Karl Oskar Åsli. Executive produced by Darren Gaskell and Nicolai Narvesen Lied.

The movie stars Gard Løkke, Katrine Lovise Øpstad Fredriksen, Amalie Willoch Njaastad, and Nicolai Narvesen Lied


Christian (Gard Løkke) is young, handsome and rich, hence successful on Tinder. The first date with super ‘like’ Sigrid (Katrine Lovise Øpstad Fredriksen) ends in bed – and with a grotesque surprise for the psychology student: the lap dog Christian told her about so enthusiastically is not an animal at all. Frank is a man in a dog costume who barks when he demands his food in the bowl and is led on a leash by Christian.


Distraught, Sigrid flees but eventually returns to the platonic partnership of convenience. After all, it’s the 21st century and who is she to tell Frank how to live? Plus it’s really fun to scratch his fake fur head and play fetch. However, is Frank really as harmless as Christian claims? And who is he anyway?


Good Boy premiered at Beyond Fest 2022 and the Bergen Film Festival in 2022.
In the US, Saban Films will release Good Boy theatrically in select locations and on demand (VOD) on September 8, 2023. Good Boy is available to buy via Amazon Prime
In the UK, Good Boy was shown at FrightFest on August 28, 2023. Blue Finch Film Releasing streamed Good Boy on digital platforms on September 11, 2023.

“The pacing of Good Boy is different from other thrillers. Instead of a roller coaster ride, the plot continually moves forward until its wild conclusion […] In an age where the goal seems to be to shock as many people as possible, Bøe succeeds with a genuinely unsettling story.” AIPT

“At 75 minutes minus end credits, the story is fairly thin, and it misses out on an opportunity to go as deep into its central theme as it could have. Potential was there to say something scorching about the negative effects of toxic masculinity on women, rather than merely depicting it for the sake of generating tension. Nevertheless, it does generate significant tension, the performances are good, and the story ends on an extremely sick note. I admire it for that.” 3 out of 4, The Aisle Seat

“There is subtext in this movie relating to the ongoing issue in a society where those who are wealthy always seem to be at the top, while those who are lower in the hierarchy are constantly struggling to achieve the same level of comfort. Boe is playing with our preconceived notions and then subverts them, ensuring we’re constantly guessing what will happen next.” All Horror

“While this is about the person in the dog suit, this is as much a character study of Christian with hints of his life before meeting Sigrid. Good Boy has a real nasty streak and don’t be expecting a cut-and-dried conclusion. Strap yourself in, Good Boy is a bumpy ride.” Bloody Flicks

“I can’t fully hate Good Boy, as it represents the sort of transgressive little sickie which keeps me coming back to the movies– the oddball sort of experiment that makes you wonder how in the world someone thought of this. I just wish Bøe thought it through just a little bit more. Good Boy could have worked with no plot, and it could have soared with a plot so convoluted as to keep you guessing until the final moments.” Boston Hassle

“Violence is often used as a tool for character and plot development, but in the case of Good Boy, it adds absolutely nothing to the film. The characters begin making nonsensical decisions (as characters in bad horror movies often do), forgoing all development for the sake of sadistic imagery. In its final act, Good Boy betrays its characters and, in terms of story development, takes the easy way out.” 3 out of 5, Elements of Madness

“Solid performances and a light touch from director Viljar Bøe in the first half give it more impact than the slender premise might suggest. The dog behaviour it depicts is nicely observed and provides humour early on without mocking the idea of that lifestyle itself. It does a good job of making drastic changes in behaviour feel natural…” 3.5 out of 5, Eye for Film

“This film could have been really silly, but luckily, Fredriksen and Lokke sell it. Both give good performances here, playing off of each other, creating some truly unsettling scenes […] It hooks you with the pet play stuff before evolving into a truly disquieting second half.” 7 out of 10, Horror Buzz

“What we have in the first half or so of Good Boy are elements of romantic comedy and romantic drama, before Bøe (To Freddy) changes direction into thriller and horror territory […] things get twisted and creepy, resulting in a highly unsettling film that delivers jolts until its final frames.” Horror Fuel

“The tone of Good Boy flips like a switch, catching both Sigrid and the audience off-guard. The light atmosphere grows thick with tension, and suddenly, themes of dominance, privilege, and control come into play, causing the audience to re-evaluate earlier situations and their initial perceptions.” Horror Obsessive

“Skip the trailer, and steer clear of critic reviews. The genius of this story lies within its ability to subvert your expectations whilst leading you down a very dark path. With a running time of only seventy-five minutes, this twisted fairy tale does not outstay its welcome and promises a treat in its shocking conclusion.” Morbidly Beautiful

“Thanks to the interesting starting point and the sympathetic cast, which was kept to a minimum, the film keeps the balance between “funny” and “slightly disturbing” well for a long time. However, he takes too long to unravel the central mystery and doesn’t do much with it after that. However, the grotesque ending ensures that something sticks with you – even if not in the way you might have expected.” Out Now [translated from German]

” …starts as a quirky romantic comedy, before shifting into more familiar yet defamiliarised cat-(and-dog-)and-mouse territories – but it is, from start to finish, essentially a dating film with a kink in its tail […] with questions about abuse and consent left uncomfortably open. The resulting power games are barking.” Projected Figures

“Bolstered by fantastic performances from the two leads, Good Boy is a real punch to the gut. Put this film in the running for darkest movie ending of 2022!” 3.5 out of 5, The Scariest Things

“Gard Løkke, Katrine Lovise Øpstad Fredriksen, Amalie Willoch Njaastad, and Nicolai Narvesen Lied are outstanding in Good Boy. I found myself being drawn in by Løkke’s performance. A lot of the early and late game of the movie relies on his performance and he delivers in such a way that the shift that happens in the later part of the movie is almost like a gut punch.” Splatter Punk Reviews

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