IMPURATUS (2022) Tom Sizemore supernatural horror – trailer and release date

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‘The Devil will confess’
Impuratus is a 2022 American horror film in which a police detective Clayton Douglas is summoned to a hospital to hear a Civil War veteran’s death-bed confession.

Written, co-produced and directed by Michael Yurinko (Entity/The Darkening).

The Thunder Smoke Media-Screengage production stars Tom Sizemore, Jody Quigley, Lew Temple, Robert Miano, Silvia Spross and Airen DeLaMater


Detective Clayton Douglas (Tom Sizemore) finds himself embroiled in a haunting mystery that defines time itself. Summoned to a remote insane asylum, Clayton’s world is forever changed when he encounters the dying patient Daniel Glassman (Jody Quigley) who claims to have been possessed by an unspeakable evil in 1862.

With Sister Rose providing spiritual aid, Clayton is transported back in time as he uncovers the horrifying truth behind Glassman’s possession. As they grapple with their own faith and fight for their very souls, they soon realise that the forces of darkness are more powerful than they ever could have imagined. Will Clayton and his team be able to halt the entity’s reign of terror before it consumes them all?

In the US, Impuratus was released on VOD by Gravitas Ventures on October 10, 2023. Buy or rent via Amazon Prime

DVD and Blu-ray releases are imminent.

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Filming locations:
Allentown and Furlong, Pennsylvania

Impuratus is a Latin word meaning “defiled, infamous, abandoned, vile.”

We initially covered this movie while it was in pre-production back in 2017. Tom Sizemore was not involved at that stage. John Savage (Empire of the Sharks; Vampire Wars; The Killing Kind), Bill Oberst Jr and Holt Boggs were originally announced as starring.

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